Rainbow CVC Activity Roll, Build, Write Mats Free Printable

Grab these free printable Rainbow CVC Activity Roll, Build, Write Mats to make learning to read and write CVC words lots of fun this spring!

Free printable rainbow theme CVC words activity for kids in kindergarten and first grade. Add to your literacy centers for fun, hands-on practice with CVC words.

Rainbow CVC Activity

This free reading activity comes with 5 CVC mats for practice with consonant vowel consonant words. Add them to your literacy centers for lots of fun and learning all year long!

Kindergarten students spend a lot of time learning to decode and read CVC words. CVC words are easy to decode, follow the basic phonetic rules, and are usually included in the child’s vocabulary.

Your students will use their knowledge of letters and sounds and word family patterns to practice sounding out consonant vowel consonant words, spelling CVC words, and handwriting.

The resource includes words like map, pen, lip, dog, and sun. There is a roll, build, write mat for each of the 5 short vowels. These mats are an interactive, hands-on way for students to practice CVC words.

Free printable CVC word work activity for rainbow theme literacy centers in kindergarten or first grade.

2-Step Prep

This fun learning activity will be ready in no time with TWO easy steps! Print, laminate, DONE! Or just slip into a write and wipe pocket and there’s almost no prep required.

Gather some letter manipulatives or dry erase markers and some dice, and you are ready to practice CVCs in an interactive game.

A fun, hands on spring CVC reading and writing activity for St. Patrick's Day or spring literacy centers.

Setting Up the Rainbow CVC Roll, Build, Write Mats

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Supplies Needed:

  • Rainbow CVC Roll, Build, Write Mats (button to get them at the bottom of this post)
  • Dice
  • Dry erase markers
  • Erasers
  • Letter manipulatives
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print the mats.
  2. Laminate the mats.
  3. Gather your supplies.
  4. Slide the mats and manipulatives into a baggie or tray for easy storage and grab-and-go access.
This CVC word work activity is a fun and engaging way to learn to read and write CVC words this spring!

Using the Rainbow CVC Mats

For this activity, students will roll a die and figure out the number they landed on. Then they find the CVC word picture that matches their die.

They will say the word out loud, find the letter for each sound they hear in the word, build the word with letter manipulatives in the rainbow’s mouth. Lastly, they will write the word at the bottom of the mat. Clear the mat and roll again.

There are 5 mats included, one for each short vowel. So students can practice a certain vowel sound, or they can work through all the mats.

For students ready for a challenge, have them say a sentence using that word. If they are working in partners, they can take turns telling each other.

You could even provide students with a recording sheet and have them write each word on that after they build it on the mat.

Rainbow theme CVC word work mat for short a vowel sound words. Top left of mat shows CVC pictures with a dice above them. Students roll dice and build the corresponding word in the mouth of the cloud with rainbow attached. Then they write the word on the handwriting lines below.

Differentiated CVC Word Activities

There are a variety of ways that these rainbow mats can be differentiated to teach CVCs words and meet the needs of your students.

Since there are five different mats, you can start by having your students complete only one mat. As their skills progress, they can work their way up to completing 2 mats and then more!

Another way to use this activity is to give students play dough and they can use stamps to stamp the word in the dough. An added sensory option is always a great way to engage reluctant learners. Plus, adding in fine motor work for all your little learners is great for their hand strength.

Students could use these matching mats with partners as well. They could take turns rolling the die to complete the mat. This helps them work cooperatively and allows them to encourage and coach each other along the way.

A fun rainbow CVC activity for kids.

These rainbow CVC roll, build, write mats are a fun way for children to practice literacy and math skills!

Click the button below to get the Rainbow CVC Roll, Build, Write Mats! Happy Spring!

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