Free Printable Digraph Words Matching Mats for Kindergarten

Download these free, printable digraph words matching mats to help your students practice identifying digraphs with little prep work for you!

Free printable digraphs activity for literacy centers in first grade or second grade.

Digraph Words Matching Mats

These digraph matching mats will be great for your classroom resource stash! The mats are comprised of 9 colorful pictures that are kid-friendly! The accompanying digraph cards have commonly used digraphs and will help your students improve their phonics skills. The digraphs include: ch, kn, sh, th, wr, wh, ph, and ck.

The mat set will come with 3 picture mats and 27 digraph cards. These mats require little prep from you because we know you are super busy doing all the teacher things! These would work great in a preschool, kindergarten, or first-grade classroom. They would even work with second graders to reinforce the digraph sounds.

Free digraphs literacy activity for learning to read words with digraphs.

Ease of Use

These digraph word mats require no prep from you beyond printing and cutting the digraph cards apart! I would encourage you to print on cardstock and laminate all the pieces for durability. If you can’t laminate, sliding the picture mats into wipe and write pockets is another way to increase durability and longevity.

If you don’t want to print in color, you can print them in black and white and have the students color them. They will love being included in the creation of a resource for the classroom. Plus, they will want to show it off to anyone and everyone!

Free printable digraph reading resource for teaching read to first grade and second grade students.

Setting Up Your New Freebie!

Supplies needed:

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  • Digraph Words Matching picture mats and digraph cards
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)
  1. Print the Digraph Words Matching Mats and digraph cards.
  2. Cut the digraph cards apart.
  3. Laminate or slide the picture mats into write and wipe pockets.
  4. Laminate the digraph cards (optional).
  5. Store the digraph cards in a small bag.
  6. Store the entire activity in a large baggie, file folder, or tray.
A digraph reading activity for literacy centers.

Playing the Game

Each student will get a picture mat and a stack of digraph cards. The student will pick a digraph card and make the digraph’s sound. Then, they will lay the digraph card on the picture that contains that sound. The student will try to cover the whole mat with the correct digraph cards.

Differentiation Ideas

You can challenge your students by having them tell you the picture, the digraph, and make a sentence with that word in it. This takes the learning a step further. To take it another step further, you could have the students write their sentences that contain the digraph word.

If you have some struggling students, you could limit the number of digraph cards they have to complete or cut the picture mats into strips of 3 and have them only complete a strip at a time. You could also give them digraph cards with a certain digraph they may be struggling with instead of the whole deck.

A free printable beginning and ending digraphs reading resource for your reading centers in first grade or second grade.

If students are working in partners, they can take turns matching the digraph words and tell each other their word, digraph, and a sentence. You could also have the students add magnetic letters to their picture mat instead of the digraph cards.

In a small instruction group, the students could all have different mats and the teacher could call out a digraph. They would look to see if they have a picture that contains that digraph, working to get a bingo!

As you can see these digraph words matching mats are just what you need in your resource stash! They are low prep, easy to use and your students will enjoy doing them. If you like this freebie, you will also enjoy my CVC words building mats and my blend words matching mats!

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