Free Printable CVC Words Matching Mats

Print these free CVC Words Matching Mats and keep your learners practicing short vowel sounds and early reading skills during center time!

Free printable CVC reading activity for literacy centers in kindergarten and first grade.

CVC Word Mats

This free printable will make a great addition to your classroom resources! It is super easy to prepare for your students; just some simple printing, cutting, laminating, and you are ready to go. The students will love matching the pictures with the CVC words.

A fun hands-on CVC activity for learning to read CVC words.

Super Simple

This CVC resource is so easy to use in the classroom! Once you print and cut, you will want to laminate for durability. Then, it is ready for your students! Since it isn’t a themed product, you can pull it out and use it all year long! Your students will love practicing their consonant vowel consonant words.

CVC words are so beneficial for pre k and kindergarten students. They even work for older, struggling readers. CVC words offer a familiar pattern with a consonant followed by a short vowel sound followed by another consonant. These simple words will be familiar to your students and most likely, already a part of their vocabulary.

Free printable CVC reading activity for kindergarten and first grade.

How To Prep the CVC Word Mats

Supplies needed:

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  1. Print the picture mats and word cards.
  2. Cut the cards apart.
  3. Laminate the picture mats and the cards.
  4. Store the entire activity in a large baggie, file folder, or storage tray.
  5. Slide a recording sheet into a write and wipe pocket for more practice.

Utilizing the CVC Work Mats

To use this activity, students will pick a CVC word card. Then, they will say each sound that the letters make and then blend the sounds together to decode the word. They will repeat this process until they have covered all the pictures on their mat.

CVC words activity for centers, stations, small groups, morning tubs and more.

Differentiation in the Classroom

These CVC words matching mats are perfect for whole group, small group or individual instruction. They would also make a great literacy activity for a center time in a pre k, kindergarten, or first grade room. These mats aren’t themed for one particular holiday or time of year, so they will work wonderful at any time of the year.

More advanced students can place a recording sheet in a wipe and write pocket and use a dry erase marker to write their answers or even use their short vowel CVC words in sentences. Then, practice reading their CVC word sentences to a partner.

Struggling students could be given fewer word cards to complete instead of the whole deck. They could also work on word families and rhyming, instead of reading the CVC words. They could also use the picture mats to practice beginning or ending sounds instead of CVC words.

These vowel mats would be so much fun as a bingo mat with a small group of students. They would try to get three in a row to win. The teacher could also use these CVC mats to focus on a certain vowel sound; having the student look for just one sound instead of all five.

Free printable CVC activity for reading centers.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to incorporate this CVC activity into your literacy lesson plans. Your students are going to strengthen their reading skills and have a lot of fun doing it!

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