Gingerbread CVC Word Building Cards

These gingerbread CVC word building cards provide lots of practice with segmenting and blending CVC words while developing phonemic awareness this winter!

Gingerbread CVC word building cards for learning to segment and blend CVC words during reading or literacy centers.

What are CVC Word Building Cards?

Word building cards are exactly what they sound like. They are simple task cards that help students work on piecing together short vowel words. The cards each display an image of a CVC word and three blank boxes.

Students use dry-erase markers, alphabet magnets, play dough, and other tools to write or build the words. The cards are easy to laminate and use over and over.

Give your kindergarten and first grade students lots of fun, hands-on practice with segmenting and blending CVC words when you use these free printable CVC word cards this holiday season!

The best part of these cards is that they help students with phonics skills necessary for reading and writing. CVC words are simple words that follow a consonant vowel consonant word pattern. They all feature a short vowel sound, which makes them perfect for students who are just beginning to learn to decode words.

Gingerbread theme CVC words activity for learning to segment CVC words and then blend the sounds back together. Practice spelling CVC words this Christmas.

Simple Prep and Tons of Fun

Preparing the CVC word building cards for the classroom is super simple. All you have to do is print out the photo-sized cards and laminate them for durability. You can also try Write and Wipe pockets!

Provide kids with dry-erase markers, letter beads, playdough, and anything else to build the words shown on the cards.

If students know the letter sounds very well, beginning reading instruction with CVC words is a great idea. CVC words are easy to sound out and help build confidence in early readers!

Students will identify the picture that is inside the gingerbread house. Then, they will use letter manipulatives to spell that word by placing one letter in each box on the card.

There are 20 word cards included in this free CVC word building activity.

Gingerbread CVC activity for kids to practice spelling CVC words.

How to Use the CVC Word Building Cards

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Supplies needed:

  • Gingerbread CVC word-building cards (get them by clicking the button at the bottom of the post)
  • Alphabet letter tiles, letter beads, play dough, dry-erase markers, or another letter manipulative
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print the CVC word building cards.
  2. Laminate and cut them apart.
  3. Gather letter tiles or letter manipulatives of your choice.
  4. Store the activity in a large baggie, file folder, or storage tray. Photo bins also work well!
Gingerbread theme CVC word building cards for your gingerbread literacy centers.

Using the Word Building Cards

Students will look at the picture on the gingerbread and say the word pictured out loud. Next, they will isolate the sounds in the word to find the beginning, middle, and ending sounds.

Then, they will use the letter manipulatives to build the CVC word by placing the beginning letter in the first box, the middle letter in the second box, and the final letter in the third box.

Finally, they will blend the letters to read the word they built and make sure it matches the picture on the card. They will repeat this process for each picture.

Gingerbread house CVC words activity for learning to segment and blend CVC words.

Differentiated CVC Activity

These gingerbread CVC word building cards are extremely versatile and can be used in various ways. The pictures are simple and are great for beginning readers to learn these CVC words around the holidays.

Students can use them independently or with a partner during literacy centers, or you can utilize them during small group instruction.

You could also have students write each word down on paper to give them practice with writing CVC words. Teach them to rainbow write the words so what they learn sticks.

Gingerbread CVC word activities and centers for learning CVC words.

If you slide the sheets into write and wipe pockets, students can use dry-erase markers to write the letters on the card. This is the same for lamination!

Download these adorable gingerbread CVC word building cards to give your students a fun and hands-on way to practice reading and spelling CVC words this winter!

Click the button below to get the Gingerbread CVC Word Building Cards Free Printable! Happy Holidays!

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