Alphabet Beginning Sounds Sorting Worksheets

These free printable alphabet beginning sounds sorting worksheets will give kids lots of practice with letters and beginning letter sounds!

Free printable alphabet beginning sounds sorting worksheets for practice with letters and letter sounds.

Beginning Sounds Sorting Worksheets

Grab these alphabet worksheets for lots of engaging, hands-on practice with letters, letter sounds and beginning sound isolation. The kids will learn a ton and develop fine motor skills too!

These print and play worksheets give you a variety of options for differentiation and kids will develop a plethora of skills while using them.

While using them students may practice coloring in the lines, cutting with scissors, gluing pieces to the paper, letter recognition, letter sound isolation, phonics skills and more!

Free printable alphabet cut and paste worksheets for practice with letters and beginning sound isolation. A fun phonics worksheet for kids.

Preparing the Alphabet Worksheets

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Supplies Needed:

  • Beginning Sounds Sorting Worksheets (button to access the resource at the bottom of this post)
  • Markers, crayons, pencils, etc.
  • Kid scissors
  • School glue


  1. Print the worksheets.
  2. Gather the supplies you would like your students to use on the worksheets.
  3. They are now ready to use!
Alphabet phonics worksheets for learning letters and letter sounds.

Using This Beginning Sounds Alphabet Activity

If you would like them to do so, students can color the pictures on the worksheet. If not, they can begin by cutting out all of the pictures. Once the pictures are colored and cut out, students will sort them to the correct letters on the page.

For example, students will add the pictures of the apple, alligator and astronaut to the 3 boxes next to the letter a on the sheet. And then they will find all the pictures that start with the letter b and then all of the pictures that start with the letter c.

Grab these alphabet worksheets to work on beginning phoneme isolation and letter sounds.

Each alphabet worksheet has 3 letters on it and all of the letters are in alphabetical order. This is a great way to reinforce skills that students have already learned. Add them to centers, use during small groups or send home for extra practice.

As you can tell, these letter sorting worksheets are packed with letter learning opportunities. Students will learn so many important literacy skills while getting lots of fine motor practice too!

Alphabet beginning sounds sorting activity for developing phonics skills.

Don’t stress about teaching letters and letter sounds to your students. Add these alphabet sorting worksheets to your plans and give them additional practice with these important skills.

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