Alphabet Letter Tracing Task Cards

These alphabet letter tracing task cards are an engaging way for students to learn letter formation and practice writing letters.

Free printable alphabet letter tracing task cards for learning letter formation, letter recognition and letter sounds.

Letter Tracing Task Cards

Teach pre-k and kindergarten students letter formation with this hands-on freebie! Students will trace the letter, say the word pictured and then write the letter on the handwriting lines a few times. The resource includes an uppercase and lowercase card for each letter.

There are even some fun ways to change them up and use different manipulatives on the cards. Keep reading for all the ideas!

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Alphabet letter tracing cards for kids to learn letter formation, letter recognition and letter sounds in pre-k and kindergarten.

Low Prep Alphabet Activity!

These writing letters task cards are so easy to prep! Just print it out and cut the cards apart. Then laminate them so students can use dry erase markers to practice writing. Or you could keep four cards to a page and slide them into wipe and write pockets for even quicker prep.

If you would like to keep the uppercase and lowercase letters together, you can cut each sheet in half instead of in quarters. This keeps the two together on one half-sheet mini mat.

Letter tracing cards with a letter font that shows correct letter formation and a pictured word that begins with that letter. Bottom of the card has handwriting lines for writing the letter several times.

Setting Up the Alphabet Letter Formation Cards

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Supplies Needed:

  • Letter Tracing Cards (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Dry erase markers
  • Write and wipe pockets


  1. Print the letter tracing cards and slide them into write and wipe pockets for durability. You can also cut the cards apart and laminate them.
  2. Gather dry erase markers and store everything in a photo box or a zippered mesh bag for easy access.
Alphabet letter formation cards for letter writing practice.

Utilizing the Alphabet Letter Tracing Activity

These cards are very simple to use. Students will take a card from the pile and trace the letter with their finger or a dry erase marker. Then, they will say the word pictured. If you would like them to say the sound the letter makes, they can do that too. Lastly, they will use their dry erase marker to write the letter on the handwriting lines.

Each card features a picture that is easy to identify and gives the child another tool to use to remember the sound the letter makes. Example: a, /a/, apple. The uppercase card and lowercase card have two different pictures for added exposure.

Letter tracing cards for handwriting practice.

More Ways to Use the Alphabet Cards

This alphabet activity provides students with three different forms of exposure to the same letter. That is very beneficial for students just learning letters or students that are struggling to learn them.

To add more fine motor skills practice to this letter tracing activity, have students use play dough to make the letter. They can roll it into snakes and form the letter or smash pieces and fill the letter.

Alphabet task cards for learning letter formation.

Another option would be to have students use a small manipulative to build the letter like pom poms or mini erasers. Just make sure you don’t use small pieces with students who still put things in their mouth.

Alphabet letter tracing task cards for letter formation practice.

These letter tracing task cards will have huge benefits in your classroom and won’t take you forever to prep! Hit the button below to get free access to this helpful resource!

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