Alphabet Stew Letter Recognition Mats

These alphabet stew letter recognition mats are perfect for fun, hands-on practice with letter identification and letter matching!

Free printable alphabet stew letter recognition mats for learning letters in pre-k and kindergarten.

Alphabet Stew Letter Recognition Activity

This alphabet letter recognition activity is going to make learning letters so much fun! Your students are going to have a blast making alphabet stew while getting lots of practice with letter identification.

Add this fun alphabet activity to your alphabet centers or literacy stations to make learning letters an engaging, hands-on experience.

While using these alphabet mats students may practice letter recognition and uppercase to lowercase letter matching. There are lots of ways to differentiate this activity to meet the needs of your students and there are a variety of levels included.

Better yet, this activity requires very little prep from you!

Free printable letter identification mats for learning letters in alphabet or literacy centers in pre-k and kindergarten.

Low Prep Letter Learning!

Getting this alphabet activity ready for your students is super simple. Just cut the recipe cards apart and slip the mat into a write and wipe pocket. For added durability, you can also laminate the cards and mats.

Then grab letter beads, letter magnets or letter tiles to use on the mats. Once you have your supplies gathered and the mats prepped, you will be ready to add lots of hands-on letter learning to your plans.

You are going to save so much time planning lots of fun alphabet learning for your students! These free alphabet mats are going to be the perfect addition to your centers this school year.

Alphabet stew letter mats for kids to learn letter recognition in a fun, hands-on way.

Setting Up the Alphabet Stew Letter Recognition Mats

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Supplies Needed:


  1. Print the cards.
  2. Laminate the cards.
  3. Cut the cards apart.
  4. Slide the alphabet mat into a write and wipe pocket or laminate for added durability.
Hands-on letter recognition alphabet mats for kids to practice letter matching and uppercase to lowercase letter matching.

Differentiated Alphabet Letter Mats

Students will take an ingredient card and place it on the space on the mat. Then they will add those letters to the pot.

You can differentiate this activity by asking students to match the letters as they are shown – matching uppercase to uppercase or lowercase to lowercase. Or you can use the mats to work on uppercase to lowercase letter matching.

In addition, the cards come in three different levels. One has all uppercase letters on the cards, one is all lowercase letters and the third has a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.

A fun alphabet stew letter learning activity for kids to practice letter identification.

Hands-on Letter Learning

The kids are going to have lots of fun engaging with letters and practicing letter recognition.

Use these letter mats for:

  • Morning tubs
  • Literacy centers
  • Early finishers
  • Tutoring resource
  • Small group activity
  • Homeschool

These alphabet stew letter recognition mats are fun to use, easy to prep, and have so many educational benefits.

Letter recognition alphabet mats for kids.

Get the kids excited about learning the alphabet. Add these alphabet mats to your plans to make learning letters and sounds a fun, hands-on experience!

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