Editable Pumpkin Theme BINGO Game

Do you want a fun fall game with almost no prep? This editable pumpkin BINGO game lets you plug in your choice of words. Then, print and play!!

Free printable and editable bingo game for fall reading practice. Type in any words you want!

Editable Pumpkin Theme BINGO Game

This fun game gives kids lots of practice with reading and phonics skills while engaging and exciting them! It’s super simple to prep and use, so it is sure to be a valuable resource this fall.

If you’re one of those teachers who wants to add fun themes to all of the activities in the classroom, this game is for you.

The amazing thing about it is that you can add ANY words you want to the template and they are added to the board for you. It only takes a minute to prep the bingo game board and print it out. Super simple!

Then, just get your snap cubes, counters, or fall-themed manipulatives for students to cover the spaces.

The kids will be begging for more time with this phonics game as they practice literacy skills.

Pumpkin editable bingo game for reading practice with CVC words, high frequency words, blends, digraphs and more.

Differentiated Literacy Game

Since the game board is editable, choose from CVC words, high frequency words, words for specific phonics skills and more. Enter any words your students are working on to the board.

You can also differentiate by making different boards for different groups of students. Use them in small groups to work on targeted skills!

BINGO is one of those games you need to teach once and then it can be applied to a variety of different game boards. Teach them the rules of the game and then use a variety of different boards to practice all sorts of skills during the fall season. Plus, it requires very minimal prep from you.

Pumpkin theme editable bingo game for reading practice in kindergarten and first grade.

Did You Say Low-Prep?

After you have the bingo game board and spinner filled in with the words you want to work on, you will print them and slip them into write and wipe pockets for added durability.

You can type in 12 words total and the first 6 with auto-populate to the first game board and the first spinner. The remaining 6 words will then auto-populate to the second game board and second spinner.

You can have students play game board one and then move on to game two when they are done with the first. Or you can just make two different games with 6 words that can be used at different times.

Then just grab a transparent spinner and snap cubes or mini erasers. No need to cut anything out or do any additional prep! You can find those cute themed mini erasers at Target or online to use with seasonal games like this.

I decided to make the spinner nice and large so you don’t have to cut it out and can just use the sheet as it is. No cutting is necessary!

In addition, I have also included two additional game boards and 24 editable cards that you can use as well! This means that all 12 words will be repeated 2 times on each board and each player will draw a card that applies to both players.

Free printable fall bingo game for learning to read.

How to Set Up the Pumpkin BINGO Game

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Supplies Needed:

*You can also insert a metal brad into the back of your spinner and attach a paper clip if you don’t want to use transparent spinners.


  1. Print the game boards and spinners.
  2. Slide the game boards and spinners into write and wipe pockets or laminate them.
  3. Gather other manipulatives.
  4. Store the entire activity in a large bag or storage container.
Free printable editable bingo game for practice with phonics skills.

How to Use the Editable Pumpkin Bingo Game

Spin the spinner and read the word you land on. Then find that word on the game board and cover it.

Continue spinning, reading, and covering words until someone gets 5 in a row.

Students can also play side by side but with two different game boards. They could even have different words on their game boards. Players spin, read, and cover words until they get 5 words in a row. The first person to achieve 5 in a row on their own game board will win.

When using the version with the cards, each card pulled from the pile will apply to both players. And each player will have their own board with the 12 words in different places.

So player one pulls a card, reads the word on it and both players cover it on their game board. Then player two pulls a card, reads the word and both players cover it on their game board. This continues until one player gets 5 in a row.

Pumpkin theme bingo game for reading practice and fluency practice.

Get Ready for Tons of Fun This Fall!

There are tons of unique ways to use these game boards and the editable aspect of them. Keep them on hand for subs or for a fun fall classroom party.

Make multiple versions to practice many different literacy skills and have fun doing so! The kids will ask to play over and over!

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