Spring Bee Find and Cover the Letter Printable for Preschool

Need a fun way to practice beginning sounds? This free printable spring bee find and cover activity will make learning letter sounds fun!

Free printable bee theme initial sounds activity.

Spring Bee Find And Cover Activity

Are your kindergarten students practicing their beginning sounds skills and letter recognition? If you need a fun learning game for them to play to reinforce these skills, look no further than this spring bee find and cover alphabet activity.

This alphabet game is a fun way for students to practice identifying the beginning sounds in words and matching the sounds to the letters. These find and cover mats are hands-on and will keep your students engaged.

Add this hands-on activity to your literacy centers, small groups, or even have students play in partners or independently. The possibilities are endless!

As your students complete this letters identification activity, they’ll practice saying words, identifying the beginning sound, and matching the picture to the correct letter on the game mat, covering it with their game piece.

There are 2 spring bee match and cover mats included, one with all lowercase letters and one with all uppercase letters. There are also 2 sets of picture cards, giving 2 options for each letter in the alphabet.

Bee theme beginning sounds activity mats for your alphabet centers.

Quick Prep Letter Activity

This spring bee letter activity is super easy to prep and get ready for your students to use. All you need to do is simply print them and slide them into a write-and-wipe pocket or laminate them for durability.

With prep this simple, you’ll be saving time and making the most of your planning period. Plus, you can pull these out at anytime of the year, especially during the busy spring months.

Setting Up the Spring Bee Match and Cover Mats

Supplies Needed:

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  • Spring Bee Match and Cover Letter Mats with Picture Cards (button to download is at the bottom of this post)
  • Small manipulatives or mini erasers
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print the mats and picture cards.
  2. Slide the mats into write and wipe pockets OR laminate them.
  3. Cut the picture cards and store in a baggie.
  4. Gather manipulatives, such as buttons, mini erasers, etc.
  5. Store the entire activity in a colorful tray or large zipper baggie.
Bee theme alphabet activity for spring literacy centers.

Playing the Spring Bee Find and Cover Game

This spring bee beginning sounds game has simple, straightforward instructions, making it easy to play!

Students begin by flipping over a picture card from the pile. Then, they will look at the picture and determine what the beginning sound of the word shown on the picture card is.

Next, they will find the corresponding letter on the bee and cover it with their manipulative. Play continues until all of the spaces on the mat are covered.

Spring bee theme beginning sounds phonics activity for kindergarten or first grade.

Differentiating the Letter Sounds Game

This find and cover activity is easy to differentiate to meet the needs of your students as well. If you have students who need more practice with letter identification, you can use letter magnets, letter beads or another alphabet manipulative. By using these to cover the letters, they get extra exposure to what the letter looks like and what sound it makes.

You can also place the letter magnets or letter manipulatives in a pile or a container and have students draw one, find the corresponding letter on the bee, and then cover it with a button or game piece. This eliminates the use of the picture cards, making it a bit easier as they focus only on the letter.

You can also differentiate by giving students the lowercase or uppercase mat, depending on what they need the most practice with.

I can’t wait for your students to try this spring bee match and cover activity! I think there will be a lot of fun learning happening in your classroom this spring as they master their beginning sounds skills!

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