Ladybug Cover Up Alphabet Printable for Preschool

This ladybug cover up alphabet activity is a fun way to learn letters and letter sounds. This alphabet game is perfect for your insect theme this spring!

This ladybug alphabet activity will make learning letters and letter sounds so much fun this spring!

Ladybug Cover Up Alphabet Activity

Are you looking for a fun way to teach letters and letter sounds this spring? This ladybug cover up game would be a fun addition to your plans.

This ladybug activity is editable, so that you can easily tailor it to meet the needs of your students.

It is simple to use and requires almost no prep from you beyond typing in 12 letters one time on the set up page. The ladybug mats will then auto-populate with the letters you typed in.

A fun ladybug beginning letter sounds activity for spring!

Differentiation Made Easy

This makes it super easy for you to differentiate for your students. Type in any letters you are working on so that you can meet the specific needs of your students.

In addition, there are two versions so that you can further differentiate for your students. Students who have moved beyond letter identification or letter matching can use the beginning letter sounds version to reinforce letter sounds.

A ladybug alphabet activity for your insect theme!

Low-Prep Ladybug Activity

Supplies Needed:

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To begin, you will type the letters you want to work on into the Set Up page in the PDF download.

Then you will need to make a dice by writing those letters on each side of dice.

Since a dice as 6 sides only, you can type the letters in twice on the set up page. You may want to type them once in lowercase and once in uppercase or just repeat them over again.

A fun ladybug letter sounds activity for preschool and kindergarten.

Another option is to use alphabet beads or alphabet magnets in a bag or container. Students reach in and grab an alphabet bead and then cover a corresponding space on the mat.

I also like doing this with beginning sounds magnets. Students pull out a beginning sounds magnet and then cover a corresponding space on the mat.

As you can see, there are many ways you can use this to meet your students’ individual needs or interests.

I hope your students have a great time using this fun ladybug cover alphabet activity!

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