Alphabet Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

These alphabet games for preschool and kindergarten make learning the alphabet a playful and engaging experience. Your kids will love these alphabet games!

Alphabet games are a great way to teach the alphabet to preschoolers and kindergarten students!

I love it when I can use games to teach my kids any skill and one of my favorite way to teach the alphabet is by using alphabet games. So, I figured it was about time that I shared a list of my favorite alphabet games for preschool and kindergarten.

If you are looking for fun alphabet activities for your kids, then this post is perfect for you! You’ll find lots of awesome alphabet games that your kids will enjoy!

Alphabet Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

A fun printable alphabet board game.

Our most popular alphabet game is this super fun letter sounds alphabet game! Work on any letters you want and kids can win without even knowing any of the sounds. This is a great way to encourage children who are just beginning to learn letter sounds or who may be struggling with them. My kids LOVE this!

These preschool alphabet games are so much fun for kids!

This bear alphabet activity is an excellent way to teach letter recognition and letter sounds to preschoolers. It’s a great ABC activity for a bear theme!

This Alphabet Relay Game is excellent for getting kids moving, indoors or out, while helping to teach letters. It is super easy to set up and is sure to be a blast!

If your kids like playing board games, this is perfect for them. The Roll and Color Alphabet Game was a huge hit in our house and my son really enjoyed practicing the alphabet.

In our house we love doing learning activities based on books, movies or stories. My son loved this Jack and the Beanstalk Alphabet Game more than I ever thought he would!


Kindergarten alphabet games for hands-on alphabet learning.

I really enjoy making printable games that are inspired by board games or games that I played as a child or that I play with my kids. The Alphabet Battle Letter Learning Game is an incredibly easy way to play with the alphabet and have fun at the same time!

Another great alphabet activity inspired by a fun game is Letter Sounds KABOOM Game. I love watching my kids learn letter sounds and with this activity they love it too!

Whether it’s winter or you’re wishing for snow, the Snowball Throw Alphabet Game is an indoor active and fun way to learn letters, especially in the winter!

We had so much fun with this Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Game! This is a life-size board game that is perfect for getting active while helping to learn the alphabet.


Learning the Alphabet with Games

These alphabet games make learning letters a fun and engaging experience.

Incorporating toys that children already love is an excellent way to help teach them. The Jumping Frog Alphabet Game incorporates the excitement of jumping frogs and beginning alphabet sounds.

This ‘a-maze-ing letter game‘ is perfect for a child who loves to play with cars. This is perfect for letter recognition, forming sight words and more!

Memory games are exciting and a great tool for teaching letter recognition. This Letter Matching Memory Game with spoons is colorful and inexpensive to set up as well!

A genius idea for rainy day play. The Erase the ABCs activity will help kids with letter recognition in a simple way that requires almost no cost or set up!


Teaching the alphabet with alphabet games.

This Alphabet Roll & Cross is a great DIY for toddlers who are learning letter recognition. Even if kids don’t know letter identification, they will be able to match the letters from the box.

Another simple DIY that includes recycled materials is the Alphabet Ping Pong Drop. How fun is this? Kids will love matching letters with this exciting game!

Sharks need to eat too and they can with this Feed The Shark Alphabet Game. Perfect for a summer shark theme!


Fun ABC Games

Teaching the ABCs in preschool and kindergarten.

A fun printable activity, Alphabet Four In A Row, that can help kids learn the alphabet as well as strategy, counting and more. Plus it can be done in the car, in a waiting room, or at the kitchen table!

Which letter has the prize? Kids will find out in this super fun and mysterious ABC Cup Hunt. This activity is shown with single letters but could easily be used with sight words, numbers, math equations and more.

A great activity for preschoolers is the Paper Plate BIG Alphabet Memory Game. It is played just as any other memory game but is magnified on big paper plates. Kids will LOVE the variety of the size and learn ABCs in no time!

I hope your kids enjoy these alphabet games as much as my kids do! And don’t forget to check out my giant list of alphabet activities too!