Printable Letter Sounds Alphabet Board Game

Kids love this letter sounds alphabet board game. It is a very effective way to teach letter sounds while developing counting skills and more. It is one of our favorite alphabet activities!

This editable letter sounds alphabet board game is a fun way to learn letter and letter sounds in preschool and kindergarten. Your kids will love this alphabet activity!

I decided to make this game board because my kids love to play board games; especially ones that involve rolling dice – like this fun Roll and Dot the Letter Alphabet Activity, these editable board games and this Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Game.

This game is so effective because it requires children to practice letter sounds over and over again while keeping it fun and playful. Plus, you can easily differentiate it for the needs of your students.

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A fun alphabet game to learn letters and sounds. Perfect for alphabet centers or literacy centers or small groups.

Letter Sounds Alphabet Board Game

All new version! I am updating this post on 3/12/19 because I have now made the game board editable!

I have received many requests to make this editable and I wanted to make it easier on you, so now you are able to type in the letters you want to use on the board.

Simply type the 12 letters you want to practice on the set up page and those will auto-populate to the game board. I actually like to only work on 6 letters at a time, so I type the lowercase and uppercase version of each letter in the set up sheet.

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This rainbow editable alphabet activity is so much fun for preschool and kindergarten.

Setting Up the Board Game

Materials Needed:

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Alphabet Game Board – Button to download at the bottom of this post


A small object to use as a game piece. We used these counting bears. You could use pom poms or mini erasers too.

Activity Prep:

1. Type the letters in on the set up page.

2. Scroll down and make sure everything looks good on the game board.

3. Both the color and black and white version will auto-populate. Choose the one you would like to print and print it. Feel free to go back up and type in new letters for another group of students. This makes it very easy for you to differentiate.

Playing the Alphabet Board Game

1. Both players will put their game piece on the star.

2. The first player will roll the die and then move their game piece that many spaces. When they land on the space they must then identify the letter and say the sound that letter makes.

Kids who are still learning letter names can just tell you the name and you can say the sound out loud so they hear it and get familiar with it.

For students who are beyond letter sounds, you could type in blends or digraphs.

3. The next player goes through the same process described in step 2.

4. The first player to get the end of the game board, wins!

Teach letters and beginning letter sounds with a fun editable board game!

The game lasts a perfect amount of time for young kids. If they go through quickly you can even play another round.

These make an excellent addition to alphabet centers, literacy centers, or small group instruction time.

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