Spring Theme Printables and Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

These spring theme printables and activities are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students. They cover letter recognition, letter sounds, numbers and more! With over 300 pages of printable activities, this printable pack is sure to keep the kids busy this spring!

These spring theme printables activities are fun, hands-on and perfect for spring!\

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I wanted to develop a fun set of hands-on printables that would be great for pre-k and kindergarten students to use this spring. And they had to be activities that would be simple and easy for teachers and parents to set up and use. These spring theme printables would be great to use in literacy and math centers in the classroom as well as at home with parents.

These are a great way to save time prepping and planning fun and learning for the kids this spring. I already have them all cut out and any extra supplies ready to go. This way I can easily pull things out when I want to use them with the kids.

I also chose to make a pack that included lots of different spring themes within it so that you would be able to switch them up and use them all spring long.

From butterflies to caterpillars to eggs and frogs, this set has activities that you can use throughout all of the typical spring themes that are used in the classroom.

All of the number activities cover the numbers 1-20 so that kids of varying ability levels will be able to use them.

Spring theme printables for preschool and kindergarten. From butterflies to flowers to insects, frogs and eggs, this activity pack includes them all!

Spring Theme Printables

Let’s start with caterpillars! These cute little insects are used to cover 3 skills – letter and sounds recognition, number recognition and word families (or rhyming words.)

Spring theme printables letters and sounds caterpillars activity for preschoolers.

Children will match the uppercase letter, lowercase letter and objects with the same beginning sound to form a caterpillar.

Number caterpillars preschool spring theme printables.

They can also match the various versions of a number to make caterpillars.

Rhyming word family caterpillars activity for kindergarten.

Or put all the rhyming words together.

My 5-year-old son loved these caterpillars!

Spring Theme Nest and Eggs Activities

The next spring theme printables I made were these egg and nest activities.

Spring bird nests alphabet activity to teach initial letter sounds.

One activity is letter and sounds recognition. Children will match the eggs to the correct nest.

Bird nest number activity for spring.

The next is number recognition. Children will match the various versions of each number to the corresponding nest.

Sight word bird nests activity for spring.

And the third activity within this theme is building sight words. Children will use alphabet eggs to build the sight word written on the nest.

CVC word family eggs and nests activity for spring theme.

The fourth and final egg themed activity is a CVC word family building activity. Build the CVC words that are on each nest with the alphabet eggs.

Spring Theme Printable Flower Activities for Kids

The next theme in this pack is flowers. It wouldn’t be a spring pack without them!

Spring theme math activity for kids.

My kids loved these number matching flowers that kids can build themselves! They go from numbers 1-20.

Flowers and butterflies alphabet and letter sounds activity for spring.

The first flower activity in this spring theme printable pack is a letters and sounds activities with flowers and butterflies. Match the beginning sounds butterflies to the corresponding flower.

Spring flowers beginning sounds clip cards.

The next activity is a letter sounds clip cards activity. This activity will reinforce beginning sounds recognition and develop fine motor skills at the same time.

Flowers numbers and counting clip cards.

Kids will practice counting and number recognition with these counting clip cards. This is another great way to develop fine motor skills.

These spring counting mats are so much fun. Count butterflies onto the pretty flowers! Covers numbers 1-20.

Add in butterflies and these spring activities are even more fun! Check out these super cute flowers and butterflies counting mats.

Flowers board game for spring.

This simple flower themed board game can be used to work on letter identification, letter sounds, numbers, sight words and more!

Printable Insect Activities for Spring

Butterfly letters and sounds matching puzzles for spring theme.

These butterfly letters and sounds matching puzzles are so vibrant and engaging.

Do a dot butterflies

Work on all kinds of skills with these dot butterflies. Practice symmetry with dot stickers, learn letters or just work on fine motor skills. Butterflies also come in a variety of spring colors and have white dots.

Bug jar counting mats for preschool and kindergarten.

Practice counting, number recognition and one to one correspondence with these cute bug counting mats.

Bug jar counting game

Or play a fun counting game with this bug jar!

Printable Frog Activities for Spring

Frog letters and sounds printable activity.

This frog letter sounds activity a such a fun way for kids to learn letters and identify beginning sounds this spring.

Frog CVC word family activity.

Kids can also practice building CVC words with this frog activity.

Build spring words literacy activity.

Preschoolers or kindergarten students can practice building spring words with these word strips. Use magnetic letters, letter beads or any other alphabet manipulative you have.

These spring theme printables are sure to provide your kids with lots of hands-on and engaging learning time this spring!

Get the Spring Printable Pack

A pack this large and with this variety of activities would easily cost $30 or more, but I wanted to make it affordable for all of you. My hope is that these printables will lead to lots of fun and learning for your kids this spring!

If you buy this pack, you will have a bunch of pre-planned activities and games for your kids or students to enjoy this spring! This will require little prep from you. Just print, cut and laminate (if you would like).

I even made many of the printables in a way that would limit the amount of cuts you need to make. All in an effort to make this as quick and easy as possible for you!

I hope you and the kids enjoy a fun spring season!

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