Editable Snowman Write the Room Printable Activity

Engage your students with this free editable snowman write the room activity while practicing sight words, CVC words, spelling words, seasonal words, & so much more!

Editable snowman write the room activity for a variety of word work this winter.

Editable Snowman Write the Room Activity

Your students will work on their spelling and writing skills with this winter write the word resource. The write the room bundle would be perfect for many grades because it is entirely editable, so you can put whatever content you want onto the writing cards.

Pre-k students could work on letter recognition, kindergarten students could work on sight words, and first-grade students could practice their spelling words! This snowman literacy activity is wonderful!

This snowman-themed resource could easily be printed in color or black and white for your printing needs. It also comes with a recording sheet for students to write down the words that they find.

Editable snowman theme write the room activity for winter word work.

Easy to Use!

This free download is so easy to use and implement in your busy day! You can type in any words you want into the table, and the resource will auto-populate them into the snowman cards. This makes it very easy for you to use different sight words or spelling lists. It is excellent for all kinds of word work! The font resizes to fit any words you type in, so there is no character limit on the words you can choose.

Setting Up the Snowman Write the Room Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  • Snowman Write the Room printables (button to get this resource at the bottom of this post)
  • Scissors
  • Clipboards to write on while walking around


  1. Type the words, letters, digraphs, or numbers into the free download using Adobe Reader
  2. Print out the word cards and recording sheets.
  3. Cut the word cards apart.
  4. Put the word cards in various places around the room. Many people temporarily adhere them to the wall.
  5. Put recording sheets on clipboards.
  6. Store everything in a large zippered bag or storage container.
Printable winter write the room activity for literacy centers in kindergarten and first grade.

Using the Editable Write the Room Activity

Hide the cards around the room. Once students have a clipboard, students will walk around the room looking for the cards. When they come to a word card, they will read the word that is on the card. Then they will find the number on the top left of the card and locate that same number on the recording sheet. Once they find the number on the recording sheet, they will write the word in the space provided. Then students will continue until they fill in all the spaces on the recording sheet.

Free printable recording sheet for the editable snowman write the room word work activity.

So Versatile!

This write the room activity is perfect because it has so many uses! Since it is editable, you get to decide what reading and writing skills you want your students to work on. You could make multiple lists and use this resource all year long! It could relate to common core requirements or be something that you feel is foundational to your learners.

By recording their answers, the students are working on handwriting, copying information, and reading. The benefits are endless with this freebie! It could be used in a small group, as a whole class activity, a literacy center, a word work center, and so much more! I love this freebie because it gets your students moving and learning and would be a fun addition to your literacy stations.

This winter-themed resource could even be used to practice math skills too! Students could work on snowman numbers, math facts, and counting if that is what you need them to practice.

This editable snowman write the room activity is a fantastic resource for your classroom. Your students will get so much practice on their literacy skills and will get to move around the room to get some energy out! A win-win for you! Grab the freebie below!

Click the button below to get the snowman write the room activity. Enjoy!

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