Digraph Clip Cards for Kindergarten and First Grade

These Digraph Clip Cards are essential for literacy centers as students develop phonemic awareness and phonics skills.

Printable digraph clip cards for learning to digraph recognition, phoneme isolation and reading words with beginning and ending digraphs.

What are Digraphs?

Digraphs are two letters that merge together to make one sound. They can consist of consonants or vowels, but this activity focuses on consonant digraphs that occur at the beginning and ending of words.

Once students master CVC and CVCe words, they usually start working on blends and consonant digraphs as their next phonics skill.

Clip cards, like the ones in this post, are helpful for practicing once the skill is learned. Digraphs can be tricky for some students, so plenty of exposure is helpful.

Beginning and ending digraph phonics activity for learning to isolate phonemes and identify words with specific digraphs.

How to Use Clip Cards in Centers

Clip cards are a great tool to have on hand because they are small and can be used over and over. Laminate the cards for durability and place them in photo boxes or plastic bags for students to grab during independent work.

The only other material you need for clip cards is clips! We love using clothespins, but there are plenty of other options out there that will let students select their choices on the cards.

Digraph phonemic awareness activity for learning to isolate digraphs in words and identify the corresponding letters that make that sound.

What’s Included in the Digraph Clip Cards?

This printable digraphs activity includes 8 digraph cards, each with a different beginning or ending digraph. On each card, there are 8 images to choose from. Print the two pages, cut out the eight cards, laminate, and you’re ready to go!

You will also find an answer key. We know it may be difficult to figure out some of the clipart, so we included this to help.

Free printable digraph phonics activity for kindergarten and first grade.

Materials for the Clip Cards

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To get started, you will need a few materials. Here’s what you need to use the clip cards:

  • Printable digraph clip cards
  • Scissors
  • Laminating materials
  • Clips or items to mark the cards
  • Photo boxes, mesh bags, or plastic bags for storage.

Make the cards self-checking by adding small dots or stickers to the back of the card to mark the correct choices. When students have made their choices, they can flip the card over to check if they were right.

Digraph clip cards give kids a hands-on way to develop phonemic awareness, phonics skills and fine motor skills.

How to Use the Clip Cards

Once the cards have been printed, cut out, and laminated, set them in centers with clips for use. Students will pull a card and look at the digraph in the center. They will determine if the digraph is at the beginning or ending of words on their card.

There are 8 options to choose on each card. Students will look at the images and pick the three that match the digraph. It’s that simple!

Free printable beginning and ending digraphs activity for phonics centers.

Differentiating Use of the Cards

For students who need extra help with isolating phonemes and determining which digraphs are in each word, you can use this activity during small groups or even during class instruction time.

Students can work with partners or individually as well. This is when making the cards self-checking is very helpful.

Clip cards that have a digraph in the middle and 8 words pictured along the edges of the card. Students find the 3 words on the card that have that digraph.

We hope you love this digraph clip card activity and your students benefit from practicing with it! Grab your the cards below and enjoy!

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