Digraph Sounds Sort Cut & Paste

These printable digraph sounds sort cut and paste worksheets will give your students practice with digraphs while developing phonemic awareness.

Digraph sort cut and paste worksheets for practice with isolating phonemes and sorting them to the letters that make each sound.

Digraph Sounds Sort Cut and Paste Worksheets

Grab these cut-and-paste worksheets for lots of engaging, hands-on phonics practice. While students practice identifying digraphs in words, they will also work on fine motor skills through cutting and pasting.

These no-prep worksheets offer various options for differentiation, and kids will develop a wide range of skills while using them.

Students will practice listening for and identifying digraphs in words while tying the sounds to the letters that make them. As a result, they will build phonemic awareness and phonics skills.

These digraph worksheets are so fun to use and have so many benefits for your kindergarten or first-grade students.

I have provided a sheet with beginning digraph sounds and one with ending digraph sounds for extra practice!

Free printable digraph sorting worksheets for practice with phonics skills while building phonemic awareness.

Moving on to Digraphs

If your students know their letter sounds and have mastered CVC words, moving on to phonics instruction with digraphs is a great next step.

Digraphs are combinations of two letters that, when combined, represent one sound. Ch and Sh are examples. They can appear at the beginning or the end of words! You might see it at the start of a word, such as CHeese. They are also at the end of words, like fiSH!

Printable digraph worksheets for practice with sorting digraphs and isolating digraphs in words.

Preparing the Digraph Practice Worksheets

These digraph cut-and-paste worksheets require almost no prep from you! All you have to do is print and play!

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Supplies Needed:

  • Digraph Cut and Paste Worksheets (button to access the resource at the bottom of this post)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons


  1. Print the worksheets, and they will be ready to use!
Digraph cut and paste worksheets for phonics skills practice.

Using the Digraph Sounds Sort with Students

Students will color (if you would like them to) the pictures on the side of the sheet. Then they will cut the pictures out. Next, they will pick up one of the pictures and determine which word it represents. They will listen for the digraph sound at the beginning or ending of the word. Finally, they will paste the picture next to the digraph that they hear in the word.

Build fine motor skills while developing phonemic awareness and phonics skills when you use these free digraph worksheets.

Differentiating the Digraphs Sound Sort

If your students are already digraph masters, try having them write the words once they sort the picture cards. They can write the words below the boxes, on the back of the worksheet, or a new paper. Lined paper may be best for handwriting purposes.

This would be a perfect phonics activity for small group instruction or literacy centers, making lesson planning and prepping easy!

Grab these digraph cut and paste worksheets for hands-on practice with digraphs.

I hope this resource is a big help to you and engages the kids in lots of engaging practice with digraph identification and eventual spelling!

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