Editable Stocking Word Building Digital Activity

Want to practice building words in an interactive way this holiday season? Check out this editable, digital stocking word building activity!

A fun Christmas word building activity for Google Slides and Seesaw.

Digital Stocking Word Building Activity

It’s almost Christmas, which means your students are almost halfway through this school year already! They are working hard on all of their literacy skills and beginning to put them together as they become young readers.

From phonemic awareness and phonics skills to sight words, your students are working hard on words. This editable and digital stocking word building activity is the perfect way for them to practice these key skills.

This Christmas-themed word building activity will engage your learners and keep the learning active throughout the holidays. They will have many opportunities to practice reading and writing words with this activity. This activity is editable, which means you can tailor the words to meet your students’ needs.

This digital stocking activity can be used to work on sight words, CVC words, color words, number words, spelling words, etc. You can even use this as a fun holiday activity with holiday words.

These are all key types of words that students in kindergarten and 1st grade will work on. This can also be used with second graders. Just type the words you want your students to practice in the “Read It” box, and you’re ready to go!

A free digital Christmas stockings word building activity for Seesaw and Google Slides.

Using the Stocking Word Work Activity

This editable Christmas stocking word work activity is great to use both in the classroom and at home. This would be a great virtual learning activity or bonus activity for students. They can use it at home to practice, especially over the holiday break.

Use this word work activity during your whole group instruction, small groups, or literacy centers. It is even a great independent activity for early finishers, homework, or assessment.

This digital word building activity is extremely versatile and easy to use. You don’t even need access to a word wall of alphabet manipulatives. An added bonus is that you can use this activity many times with a new word list each time. Your students will stay engaged and working on new words continuously.

Free Google Slides and Seesaw word building activity for Christmas. Students read the word, build it on the mantle with letter tile stockings and then type it in the box at the bottom.

Setting Up the Stocking Word Building Activity in Google Slides

Students may use Google Slides™ to do this activity.

The download file includes a detailed guide with instructions and pictures on how to use this activity with you students, but it is quite simple to do.

If you are an instructor or teacher, you will want to copy the Google Slides assignment to your Google Drive and save it as a master copy.

Make sure that you click the dropdown next to the attachment. Pick the “Make a copy for each student” option.

Setting Up The Digital Stocking Word Building Mats in Seesaw

Students can also use this activity in Seesaw, if you would like.

You will click the Seesaw specific link in the download file. When you arrive at the activity, you will need to click the “Save Activity” button. Then you will assign the activity to your students.

Christmas stockings editable word work activity to use on Seesaw and Google Slides.

Christmas-Themed Word Work

Word work is an essential skill students must practice when learning to read. They must practice often, which means they need multiple activities and hands-on opportunities to work with words. The more practice they get manipulating the letters and sounds to build words, the stronger their skills and vocabulary will become.

As they build words, they will learn more about the spelling and sound patterns in words. They’ll also become familiar with word families and improve their reading fluency.

This digital stocking word building activity gives students the benefits of a hands-on, interactive activity and a digital activity all together!

To use this adorable stocking activity, students will read the word in the “Read it” box. Then they will build it above the fireplace by dragging and dropping the correct stocking letter tiles. Finally, they will type the word in the “Type it” box. On each slide, students will get to work with each word in 3 different ways, by reading, building, and writing.

The digital stocking letter tiles are in alphabetical order. This allows students to use their letter recognition and alphabet knowledge to find the correct letters. This also helps with problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Free Christmas editable word building mats to use on Google Slides and Seesaw.

Differentiated Learning Opportunities

There are a variety of differentiated learning opportunities with this Christmas stocking word building activity. You can make this activity work for a variety of student needs, skills, and instructional settings.

Choose any sight words, high-frequency words, color words, number words, CVC words, spelling words, or seasonal words to include in the “Read it” boxes of the slides. Assign specific words to each student, depending on what they need to work on at that time. You can even assign certain lists to small groups of students. This makes leveled reading groups a breeze to plan for!

This activity can be used for independent practice, a technology center, as an early finisher activity, or to assess students. This is a great activity to have students complete during those busy weeks leading up to Christmas break as well.

This activity can be used with the intermediate grades as well. Just use words that are developmentally appropriate for them, such as vocabulary or spelling words.

If you want to take the learning a step further with these stocking word building mats, students can complete the slide and:

  • Write the word on a recording sheet.
  • Use the word in a sentence on a recording sheet.
  • Write the words in alphabetical order on a recording sheet.
  • Use all of the words from each slide in a paragraph or story.

I hope your students have a ton of holiday fun with these digital Christmas stocking word building mats. Take advantage of the editable feature to keep challenging your students with new words this season!

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