Paperless Sight Word Activities for Google Slides and Seesaw

These paperless sight word activities are engaging, effective, and super fun! They are perfect for use in the classroom or for distance learning. 

Sight word games bundle for Google Slides, Seesaw, and Boom.

Paperless Sight Word Activities

If you are looking for fun sight word activities that are high interest and fun for students, then you are going to love these sight word games!

Your students are going to have a blast feeding the crayon box, making sight word pizzas, decorating an octopus, cracking the code like a detective, and swatting sight word bugs!

They are sure to be a hit with the kids.

Plus, they are available on Google Slides and Seesaw!

Interactive Sight Word Games

In the first activity, students will make sight word pizzas!

While using this sight word activity students will read the sight word, type it, and then build the word with pepperoni on the pizza.

In the second activity, students will use their sleuthing skills to crack the sight word code.

They will determine the beginning sound of each object and use those clues to build the mystery sight word.

In the third activity, they will decorate the octopus by sorting the colored spots to the sight words on the octopus tentacles.

The end result is a super cool and colorful octopus!

With the fourth activity, students will have fun swatting the sight word bugs with fly swatters!

And in the fifth activity, students will feed sight word crayons to the crayon box by reading all of the crayons and finding the ones that belong in the box.

These paperless sight word activities are going to save you so much time and make learning sight words tons of fun for your students!

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