Fall Leaf Beginning Sounds Task Cards

These fall-themed beginning sounds task cards are super simple to prep and will give students lots of practice with the alphabet and letter sounds in the fall! Add them to your alphabet stations for fun and learning this fall.

Free printable fall leaf beginning sounds task cards for learning letters and letters sounds in kindergarten and first grade.

Fall Beginning Sounds Task Cards

Task cards are a fantastic addition to the classroom because they are super simple to prep and store in any classroom. They also provide lots of fun, hands-on practice with important phonics skills your students are working on.

These free printable fall task cards have six images on each card. There are three images that match the corresponding letter and three that start with another letter. Kids use a chip or manipulative to cover the images that match the letter on the card.

Fall theme beginning sounds alphabet task cards for learning letters and beginning letter sounds during fall literacy centers.

Why are First Sounds Important?

Beginning sounds in words are super important because they are the foundation of reading and writing. In order for students to read and write effectively, they need to master letter sounds and letter sound isolation. Task cards like this are a simple way to practice these important skills.

Fall leaf theme alphabet task cards for practice with letter sounds and isolating beginning sounds.

How to Set up Task Cards

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Supplies Needed:

  • Beginning Sounds Task Cards (button to get them at the bottom of this post)
  • Mini erasers or snap cubes
  • Scissors to cut out the cards


  1. Print the cards.
  2. Cut the cards apart.
  3. Laminate the cards for durability.
  4. Gather manipulatives.
  5. Store the entire activity in a large baggie or these task card boxes.
Fall phonics task cards for practice with letter identification and letter sounds.

Hands-on Letter Practice

The kids are going to have lots of fun engaging with letters and practicing letter sounds in isolation.

If you aren’t sure when to use them during your day, try some of these ideas:

  • Morning soft start routines
  • Literacy centers
  • Early finishers
  • Tutoring resource
  • Small group activity
  • Homeschool

These alphabet beginning sounds task cards are fun to use, easy to prep, and have so many educational benefits.

Fall leaf alphabet beginning sounds phonics activity for kids.

Differentiating the Task Cards

Once students have mastered the isolating sounds, give them a little challenge. After they complete a card have them write the letter on a sheet of paper so they can keep a record of the letter cards they worked on.

Another way to differentiate to meet student needs is to use the cards that students need specific help with. If a child is struggling with specific letters, use those task cards to practice fluency and understanding.

These task cards will make teaching the alphabet a breeze! Add them to your centers for tons of hands-on fun in the classroom!

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