Gingerbread Alphabet Beginning Sounds Task Cards

Add these gingerbread alphabet beginning sounds task cards to your alphabet centers for lots of fun and learning this winter!

Gingerbread beginning sounds clip cards for your literacy centers this winter.

Gingerbread Beginning Sounds Alphabet Task Cards

These gingerbread alphabet task cards provide a hands-on way for students to practice isolating beginning sounds in words and matching them to the letters that make that sound. The fun gingerbread theme means these alphabet cards can be used all throughout winter.

While using these beginning sounds clip cards, students will develop phonological awareness while isolating sounds in words and build phonics skills through matching letters to sounds.

These skills are foundational to learning how to read, so practicing them often is important to students success.

Adding these beginning sounds task cards is a simple way to encourage students to develop these important skills in a way that is hands-on and engaging.

A free printable gingerbread theme beginning letter sounds task cards for learning letters and sounds in kindergarten.

Minimal Prep & Reusable

Task cards are great resources around the classroom because they are easy to set up and use each year. To prep this alphabet activity, print the materials, cut them out, and laminate them for durability. The pieces fit into photo boxes you can find at Walmart or online.

You will need some clips or clothespins for students to select the correct object on the side of the cards! Those fit nicely in the bins as well.

If you don’t want to use photo bins, a small basket from the Dollar Store works just as well! It’s easy to swap out the materials or cards each week or month as you change the theme or subject.

A gingerbread alphabet activity for kids to learn letters and letter sounds.

How to Set Up Gingerbread Alphabet Sounds Task Cards

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Supplies Needed:

  • Printable Clip Cards
  • Laminator and laminating pages (optional)
  • Clothespins or clips
  • Scissors for cutting your cards


  1. Print the task cards.
  2. Laminate the cards.
  3. Cut the cards apart.
  4. Gather your clips of choice.
  5. Store the entire activity in a large baggie or these task card boxes.

If you choose to laminate your cards, try cutting them out first and then laminating them. This will require you to cut them again once laminated, but the plastic won’t peel off.

These gingerbread alphabet beginning sounds task cards will make learning letter sounds lots of fun this holiday season.

Differentiating the Gingerbread Alphabet Task Cards

To use these alphabet task cards, students will place a clip on each object that starts with the letter shown in the middle. The cards each have three correct answers. Based on their skill level, have them find 1, 2, or 3 objects to clip.

Make your life easier by adding a self-checking tool to the back of the cards. Place a small mark or dot on the back for students to glance at once they make their choices. You’ll have to teach them not to look first, but over time, they will want to be correct before flipping it over.

Gingerbread alphabet activity free printable for learning letter sounds.

If you have students who need more of a challenge, ask them to write the letters that start all of the objects on the card. They will have to sound them out and listen for the first sound.

The task cards are perfect for independent literacy centers or small group rotations. Intervention materials like this are great for helping kids where they are!

Use these gingerbread theme task alphabet cards in your literacy centers this winter.

Lots of Uses!

Students will have a great time clipping images that match the beginning sounds shown! Grab these task cards to use in:

  • Morning soft start routines
  • Literacy centers
  • Early finishers
  • Tutoring resource
  • Small group activity
  • Homeschool settings
  • Preschool or Kindergarten
  • Holiday festivities

These alphabet sounds task cards are a low-prep activity and so engaging for kids. Grab this activity to have on hand for the holidays!

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