Spring Flower Roll and Cover Printable Mats

These printable flower roll and cover mats are perfect for spring! Teach numbers or teach letter recognition, letter sounds and letter formation with fun, hands-on flower activities. They would be a great addition to your spring math centers or spring literacy centers. You could even use them at home with your kids.

Spring flower roll and cover mats for math and literacy centers.

We are having such a great time with these roll and cover mats. My kids are still enjoying them, so I am going to keep on making them. They are proving to be very helpful in teaching my 4.5 year old letters and numbers. She enjoys the game-play aspect of the activity and she loves writing with dry-erase markers.

Spring math and literacy centers for kindergarten, preschool and first grade.

Benefits of the Spring Flower Roll and Cover Mats

They cover a variety of math and literacy skills while also being differentiated to the needs of learners at a variety of levels of ability.

Here are some of the skills covered while using the mats:

Number sense – Number recognition, counting, subitizing, one to one correspondence, writing numbers and number words.

Literacy skills – Letter recognition, letter sounds, beginning sounds recognition, writing uppercase and lowercase letters.

No-prep spring literacy or alphabet centers.

The flower roll and cover mats include all of the letters in the alphabet. There are uppercase tracing letters, lowercase tracing letters and handwriting lines for children who have moved beyond tracing and just need to practice writing the letters on their own. There are also mats for numbers 1-12.

Your kids will love these spring flowers roll and cover mats. This numbers version is perfect for spring math centers in pre-k or kindergarten.

Children can practice number recognition and counting with numbers 1-6 or they can use two dice and add the numbers together for the numbers 7-12.

Not only is this a fun way to develop these very important math and literacy skills, but is also hands-on and engaging for young kids who often lose interest quickly.

Flower theme math and literacy activities for kindergarten and preschool.

Setting up the Flower Roll and Cover Mats

I created these spring flower roll and cover mats in a way that requires very few supplies and limits the amount of prep you need to do ahead of time.

Supplies Needed:

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Bonus: You can use most of them over and over again for all of the roll and cover mats I make in the future.


  1. Make alphabet dice by writing one letter on each side of a foam block.
  2. Laminate the mats or slip them into write and wipe pockets. I have found that 5 mil laminating sheets work best if you want to use dry-erase markers on them. Otherwise it doesn’t come off. If all you have is 3 mil, then I would use wet erase markers instead. Overall, I prefer write and wipe pockets most.

Spring flowers alphabet activity.

Using the Flowers Roll and Cover Mats this Spring

Spring numbers activity for number sense practice in your math center or homeschool lessons.

Children will roll either the number dice or alphabet dice, depending on which mat they are using. They can also use two number dice and add the numbers together when using the mats that include numbers 7-12. They will do this by keeping one dice at a 6 then rolling the other and adding it to the 6.

Spring activities for kids.

Then they will cover the corresponding number or beginning sound picture on the mat with some type of manipulative. In this case, we used butterfly mini erasers that I got at Target, but we also use these insect mini erasers that I ordered on Amazon. They are great manipulatives for all kinds of spring activities.

Finally, they will write the number or letter or trace it, depending on which mats you are using.

This continues until all of the numbers or pictures have been covered on the mat.

Flower roll and cover mats are perfect for your math and literacy centers.

The kids enjoy these roll and cover mats because they engage them in an activity that is a lot like a game. I love them because they cover such a wide variety of skills.

I hope your kids enjoy them and learn a lot too!


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