Apple Tree Addition to 10 Cards Free Printable

Need a fun, hands-on way for your kindergarten and first grade students to work on their addition facts? These apple tree addition to 10 cards are perfect!

Free printable apple tree addition to 10 cards. Count apples on both trees and then create a number sentence with number tiles.

Apple Tree Addition Cards

Your students are going to love working on their addition facts with this apple themed addition activity.

The task cards focus on adding numbers to 10, making this perfect for your kindergarten and first grade students.

They will count the apples on each apple tree addition mat, using their fine motor skill of one-to-one correspondence. Then, they will place the appropriate number tiles in the boxes to make the matching apple addition sentence.

The students can use the number tiles provided in the free printable math activity, use other number tiles you have on hand, or they can write the equation with a dry-erase marker.

Your students will have fun apple picking and building the matching number sentence!

Free printable apple addition within ten activity for kindergarten and first grade.

Quick and Easy Prep

This apple tree addition to 10 activity is quick and easy to prep, so you won’t spend your entire planning time getting it ready to go! All you have to do is print and laminate the task cards and then cut them apart. You can also slide the entire sheet into a write and wipe pocket if you don’t have access to a laminator.

The apple tree task cards come in color AND black and white so you can use it even if you don’t have access to color printing.

If you are using the number tiles provided, print and cut those out as well. You can laminate these before cutting for added durability.

To store the activity, slide the task cards, number tiles, dry-erase markers, erasers, or whatever you are using for the activity into a large zipper baggie or into a colorful tray for easy grab-and-go access for your students.

If you want to use these for centers or small groups, take that into account when you are printing, as you may be able to prep fewer copies!

Addition cards with two apple trees on each card. Count the apples on each tree and add them together. Then create a number sentence to match.

Differentiated Apple Activities

This apple tree addition to 10 activity can be easily differentiated to meet your students learning needs and your instructional needs. You can make the difficulty easier or harder by making a couple small adjustments. Ideas for differentiation are:

  • independent work time
  • with partners
  • during math centers
  • in small groups
  • as a “Scoot game” where students build the equation at each station
  • with dry-erase markers to practice writing addition facts
  • with a recording sheet to practice writing the equation
  • as an apple tree addition match game (you will need 2 copies to play this way)
  • assign certain students addition to 5 cards and other students addition to 10 cards based on level
  • as a fun learning activity during your apple unit
Free printable fall apple addition activity for kindergarten and first grade.

Setting up the Apple Addition Cards

Supplies needed:

  • Apple Tree Addition to 10 Cards and number tiles
  • Classroom number tiles (optional)
  • Dry-erase markers (optional)
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)
  1. Print and laminate the task cards and number tiles OR slide the cards into write and wipe pockets.
  2. Cut the cards and number tiles apart.
  3. Store all materials in zipper baggies or trays.

Playing the Apple Tree Addition Card Game

Students will look at the task card picture of the apples in the apple trees. They will count how many apples are on each tree and add them together to find the sum.

Then, they will use the number tiles or dry-erase markers to fill in the correct numbers to make the addition sentence true.

I like to have my students practice reading the addition sentence aloud to themselves or a partner. I also teach my students to check their work to make sure that the equation makes sense.

Free printable apple theme addition cards.

These apple tree addition to 10 cards are an effective and hands-on way for your students to practice their addition facts and building equations. I hope this activity becomes a staple in your math instruction.

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Looking for an online version of this activity? Check out the apple tree addition to 10 activity for Google Slides or Seesaw!

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