Pirate Treasure Addition Free Printable Mats

These free printable pirate treasure addition mats make learning to add numbers hands-on and fun! Your kids will love using pirate coins and gems to learn math! Get ready for summer with pirate theme centers and add this fun pirate math activity to your math center! It’s perfect for kindergarten and first grade.

These pirate treasure addition mats make learning math hands-on and engaging for kids!

I recently posted about these pirate counting mats and talked about how excited my kids were to use pirate coins and gems to practice counting. They love them so much that they would be willing to do any activity or practice any skill if it included pirate coins and gems.

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Pirate treasure addition mats that teaches addition facts to kids.

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Pirate Treasure Addition Mats

My son is currently learning addition, so I thought pirate treasure addition mats would be really motivational for him. And I was so right. He really enjoyed this! And it was actually very effective too.

He was happy to continue playing and practicing addition facts so I definitely call that a win.

Addition mats with a pirate theme.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Print out the addition mats and number cards.
  2. Cut out the cards.
  3. Put the pirate coins, gems and number cards on a table along with the mats.

You now have a fun addition math activity for your kids to do!

Using the Addition Mats

To begin, the child should roll the first dice and put it on the picture of the pirate coin. Then they will put that many coins in the treasure chest.

A fun way for kids to learn addition math facts in a hands-on way!

Next, the will roll the second dice and put it on the picture of the gem. Then they will add that many gems to the treasure chest.

Finally, they will add up the coins and gems and find the corresponding number chest to the mat to complete the addition sentence.

Pirate addition math activity.

This is a very concrete, hands-on way for young children to explore addition and make sense of it. My son LOVED using the coins and gems to practice this skill. We will definitely be using this over and over again this summer!

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These pirate treasure addition mats make learning math hands-on and engaging!