Fall Leaf Missing Numbers Clip Cards Math Activity

Use these fall leaf missing number clip cards to practice sequencing numbers up to ten. This free printable math activity is perfect for fall math centers!

Free printable fall theme missing numbers math activity for learning to sequence numbers and develop number sense in kindergarten.

Practice Counting Forward From a Given Number

This math activity comes with 12 clip cards for practicing number identification and building fine motor skills. Add them to your math centers for lots of fun and learning all year long!

Finding the missing number in a sequence is an important skill for students learn in order to develop number sense and prepare for future math skills. Students will practice number recognition and number order while using this hands-on math activity.

It’s super simple to prep and store, so you can easily add it to your math centers this fall. Not only will your students get lots of practice with number sequencing, they will also develop fine motor skills too!

A fall theme number sense activity for  practice with number order, sequencing numbers and counting forward.

3-Step Prep

This fun learning activity will be ready in no time with three easy steps! Simply print, cut, laminate, DONE! Don’t spend all your prep time creating math activities when I have you covered.

Gather some clothespins or cute clips, and your students will be ready to practice in no time.

A fall number sense activity for your fall math centers in kindergarten.

Setting Up Missing Number Task Cards

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Supplies Needed:

  • Fall Leaf Missing Number Task Card Printables (find them at the button below)
  • Cardstock or printer paper
  • Laminating materials or write and wipe pockets
  • Scissors
  • Clips or manipulatives


  1. Download and print the task cards.
  2. Cut out each task card and laminate if you wish.
  3. Place the cards in photo bins or baggies to use in centers.
Free printable fall leaves math activity for kindergarten.

Practice Sequencing Numbers

The clip cards are super easy to prep and use in the classroom. All you have to do is print the strips, grab some clips, and let the kids do the rest.

Students will use clothespins to clip the correct missing numbers. There are three leaves, one with no number displayed. The kids will clip one of the numbers at the bottom to fill in the missing space.

Teach number sequence and counting forward with these missing number clip cards.

Differentiated Math Practice

You can choose whether or not to use the included recording sheet. When students use the sheet they will also get practice with number formation. You can also write the number on each handwriting line as a guide for students to follow and this can also serve as a way for them to self-check their answers.

You can also make the cards self-checking by adding a dot or small sticker to the back of the card to mark the correct choice.

This resource can be used independently or students can work in pairs to support each other. A number line can be used as a reference for students who need that extra support.

A free fall theme missing numbers math activity for kids.

Fun Ways to Use Math Clip Cards

Not sure how to use the clip cards in your classroom? Here are some simple ideas:

  • Place clip cards in math centers.
  • Use the clip cards in small groups to help kids with individual needs.
  • Set clip cards out for extra practice or fast-finishers.
  • Display the cards on the board and work on them as a class.

The kids are sure to enjoy the hands-on practice with counting forward when you add these missing number clip cards to your math centers this fall.

Grab your FREE Fall Leaf Missing Number Clip Cards below!

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