Pumpkin Theme Count the Room Printables for Preschool

The kids are going to have lots of fun with this pumpkin theme count the room activity. It’s perfect for fall math centers in preschool and kindergarten!

Pumpkin Theme Count the Room

I’ve been wanting to create a few write the room and count the room activities and I finally got around to it!

This pumpkin count the room activity is going to add fun and movement to your math centers this fall.

It gives kids a chance to get up and move around the room while learning numbers, number sense, counting, and number writing.

This means it really packs a learning punch!

Differentiated Pumpkin Math Activity

It has numbers 1-20 so that you can differentiate for the different needs of your students.

Some of the students may only be able to do numbers 1-10 and others may be ready for 11-20 too.

The recording sheets are also differentiated for you. There is a version with a tracing guide for each number and a version with blank lines only.

Low-Prep Pumpkin Counting Activity

This pumpkin theme count the room activity is super simple to prep too!

Supplies Needed:

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  • Pumpkin Theme Count the Room printables (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Clipboards to write on while walking around
  1. Print out the pumpkin cards and recording sheets.
  2. Cut the pumpkin cards apart.
  3. Put the pumpkin cards in various places around the room. Many people temporarily adhere them to the wall.
  4. Put recording sheets on clipboards.

Students will grab a clipboard and walk around the room looking for pumpkin cards.

When they come to a pumpkin card, they will use the ten-frame or twenty-frame to identify the number represented. They may do this by sight or by counting the dots in the frames.

A pumpkin theme write the room activity for learning numbers and counting. Perfect for fall math centers.

Once they determine the number represented they will look for that number on their recording sheet.

Once they find that number, they will write the number in the space provided.

There is room to write each number more than once. This gives you the option to decide how many times you want your students to write them.

Students will continue until they fill in all the spaces on the recording sheet.

I hope your kids have lots of fun with this pumpkin count the room activity!

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