Pumpkin Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

My kids love a good pumpkin activity and we've done many over the last few years. So I compiled a list of super fun pumpkin activities for preschoolers!

Pumpkin activities for kids in preschool, pre-k and kindergarten.

As soon as fall arrives and pumpkins show up in stores, my kids become fascinated with all things pumpkin. Every time we are in the grocery store they ask to buy one of those small one dollar pumpkins. Plus, we often buy several of the larger ones too.

They love when we do pumpkin activities too. So I like to create or find activities that play on their love of pumpkins and also teach them a few things too.

All of these pumpkin activities are perfect for fun AND learning! Because the best kind learning happens when they are having fun!

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    Fun Pumpkin Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

    Your kids will love this write on and wipe off pumpkin art activity!

    Pumpkin art activity for kids.

    This pumpkin letter matching activity is really easy to set up and a great way to work on letter identification and letter sounds.

    Uppercase and lowercase letter matching with pumpkins.

    This pumpkin collage art activity is sure to be a hit. It’s simple and totally open-ended. Your kids will let their creativity shine!

    This pumpkin candy science activity is incredibly fun and easy too! Your kids will love watching the colors race to the middle of the plate.

    Pumpkin Candy Science

    This pumpkin suncatcher activity is simple enough for young children and the result is beautiful!


    Make play dough and pattern block pumpkins for a fun, hands-on math activity!


    Decorating pumpkins with play dough is sure to be a hit with your kids!


    Your kids will have a blast creating these sparkly pumpkins.


    This 5 little pumpkins snack is easy enough for kids to make and pairs perfectly with the book!


    Develop scissor skills with this cute pumpkin craft.


    These beginning sounds pumpkin puzzles give kids practice with letter identification and letter sounds.