5 Little Pumpkins Snack that Kids Can Make!

This 5 Little Pumpkins snack is a fun way to celebrate fall or Halloween. Your preschoolers will love that they can make a pumpkin snack by themselves! My kids thought this was so fun.

A Five Little Pumpkins snack idea that kids can make! My kids loved this Halloween snack!

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As many of you know, I love making fun food for my kids around different holidays. BUT, they need to be super simple to make and bonus points if the kids can help make the food.

Last year we made these spider brownies. My son (4 years old at the time) was able to make them by himself with a tiny bit of help from me. We all loved them! They are perfect for parties.

This year we started out by making this Five Little Pumpkins snack. It goes perfectly with the Five Little Pumpkins song and book.

You only need 2 simple ingredients to make this Halloween snack! Cheese and pretzels always go over well with my kids, so they were all over this.

Making the Five Little Pumpkins Snack

Supplies Needed:

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  1. I gave each child a large slice of cheddar cheese and a handful of pretzels.

A fun Halloween snack to go with the book and song Five Little Pumpkins

Cheese pumpkins are a yummy Halloween snack!

2. Then I showed them how to use the pumpkin cookie cutter on the cheese. They were easily able to do this and there were no issues. *Be sure that they are pressing down on the edge that is not sharp. Always do activities like this with close adult supervision

A simple preschool Halloween snack that the kids can make themselves.

3. After 5 pumpkins are cut out from the cheese slice, have your kids make a fence with the pretzel sticks.

4. Place the cheese pumpkins above the fence.

5. Now your 5 Little Pumpkins snack is ready to eat!

Easy Halloween Snack Idea

This was easy enough that even my 3-year-old could do it. She loved making her own snack.

A pumpkin snack that toddlers can make!

Make sure you read the book or listen to the song on YouTube before you make the snack. My kids enjoy it so much more when the song is fresh in their mind.

A Five Little Pumpkins snack idea that kids can make! My kids loved this Halloween snack!

We loved this so much that we had it for snack two days in a row. I always have cheese in the house and a bag of pretzels last a long time, so I am sure we will be making this pumpkin snack many more times in the next few week.

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