Write and Wipe Pumpkin Process Art Activity

This pumpkin process art activity can be done over and over again with the same pumpkin. It’s crazy easy to set up and you only need two supplies. My kids love it!

Write and wipe pumpkin process art activity for fall.

My kids love it when pumpkins are out in the grocery store this time of year. Every time they ask me if they can pick out and buy another one. We already had a pumpkin carved and out in front of our house before October even arrived!

And in case you are wondering, yes it rots. We will end up carving another one or two before the end of the month. Haha.

So we end with a lot of little pumpkins around our house in the month of October. And I am always looking for ways to use them for fun activities with the kids. One time we did 10 Learning Activities with One Pumpkin. Another time we did this pumpkin pounding alphabet activity.

This year we used our pumpkins for art. The best part is we can use the same pumpkin over and over again for this pumpkin process art activity. We can draw all over them and then wipe them off and do it again!

Plus, you only need two simple supplies to have fun all month long!

Supplies Needed:

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That is all!

Pumpkin Process Art Activity

There really isn’t much to explain for this pumpkin activity. Just give the kids a pumpkin and some chalk markers and let them create art! You may even want to join in too. I really enjoyed it!

Pumpkin art activity for preschool.

Fall process art activity for kids

My kids had a blast doing this. They both had their own unique way of decorating the pumpkins. It was fun to see their personalities come out through their art.

Pumpkin art that you can erase and do over and over again.

My son went crazy with color and scribbles all over the pumpkin. My daughter, on the other hand, was very calm and precise about her art.

This would be a fantastic art center in a classroom. Just leave the pumpkins and the chalk markers on the table and let the kids create colorful works of art on their pumpkins!

I know what we’ll be doing many more times this October!

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Write and wipe pumpkin process art activity for fall.