Thanksgiving Turkey Match and Cover the Alphabet Printable

This turkey match and cover the alphabet activity is a fun, hands-on differentiated way to learn the alphabet and letter sounds this Thanksgiving. It would be an excellent addition to your alphabet or literacy centers.

This turkey match and cover alphabet activity is a fun, hands-on way to learn letters and letter sounds this Thanksgiving!

Turkey Match and Cover the Alphabet

We are loving the turkey count and cover mats I made the other day, so I wanted to continue the turkey fun with these turkey match and cover mats. These mats help kids learn the alphabet and letter sounds.

My 5 year old is thoroughly enjoying both versions. She loves exploring different manipulatives and all of the different mats.

A fun Thanksgiving turkey alphabet printable.

And to guarantee you will love them just as much as your kids, I have made them so that they require no prep from you. Just print and play! Save even more time by sliding them into write and wipe pockets instead of laminating.

How to Differentiate this Turkey Alphabet Activity

The best part about these mats is that you can easily differentiate them for your students. Students who are just learning to identify capital letters can use that mat. If they are learning lowercase letters they can use that mat.

Turkey beginning sounds alphabet activity that is perfect for your literacy centers in kindergarten or preschool!

While my daughter is using this I talk to her about the letter names and the sounds they make while she is matching them up. The mats simply open the door for exploring letters, their names and even their sounds.

Another way to do this is to call out a sound and see if students can cover the letter that makes that sound on the mat.

Turkey initial letter sounds alphabet activity that is perfect for your literacy centers in kindergarten or preschool!

I even have some beginning sound discs that came with the Alphabet Island board game. These work perfectly on the mat! On another note, this board game is also amazing. My daughter wants to play it again and again. So it is well worth the cost.

You could also cut out the square picture tiles on the letter sounds mat and the kids could match them up to one of the letter mats.

If you want your students to practice matching lowercase to uppercase letters, you can do that too. Students can match lowercase letter beads to the uppercase mat or uppercase letters to the lowercase mat.

A fun turkey letter sounds activity for literacy centers in kindergarten and preschool.

Students who are beyond learning letter identification can begin using the beginning sounds mat. They will look at a picture on the mat, figure out what letter sound is at the beginning of that word, find the corresponding letter bead or mini eraser and cover the space with it.

Don’t have letter beads or erasers? I wrote letters on these circle counters and we used them too. You can also use foam letter tiles that can often be found at the dollar store. The possibilities are endless!

This Thanksgiving alphabet activity is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Add them to your literacy centers this fall!

Setting Up the Turkey Activity

Supplies needed:

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  • Turkey Match and Cover Mats (button to download the bottom of this post)
  • Alphabet beads or mini erasers (I got my mini erasers in the dollar spot at Target)
  • Write and wipe pockets

Just put the mats inside write and wipe pockets for durability and they are ready to go.

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