Differentiated Pumpkin Theme Spin and Cover Math and Literacy Activities

These differentiated pumpkin theme spin and cover games are no-prep math and literacy centers that are perfect for kids at many different levels of ability.

These differentiated pumpkin spin and cover math and literacy activities are perfect for students at many different levels. Add them to your fall centers in kindergarten and first grade.

Pumpkin Theme Spin and Cover Games

These math and literacy activities are going to save you so much time while also making it even easier to differentiate for all of the different needs of your students. You heard that right. You can save time and differentiate!

Not only are the games highly differentiated, but they are also print and play. No cutting required at all. And if you put them in write and wipe pockets, you won't need to laminate them either. So easy!

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Just grab some of these spinners and you are good to go.

They also all come in color AND black and white. So even if you can't print in color, we have you covered.

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There are two design options for each game. One option has pumpkins as the frame for each choice and one that uses simple circles instead of pumpkins. This circle option is perfect for kids who are distracted by too many design elements on the page.

Differentiated ending sounds activity for pumpkin theme.

How to Differentiate the Spin and Cover Activities

There are two pumpkin theme spin and cover sets. One focuses on math skills and the other focuses on literacy skills. Each set includes several different levels. Not only that, there are a large variety of recording sheets available to further differentiate the activities.

Pumpkin differentiated literacy centers for kindergarten and first grade.

The literacy set covers:

  • Beginning sounds
  • Ending sounds
  • Beginning and ending digraphs
  • Middle vowel sounds

The ending sounds, vowel sounds and digraphs spin and cover mats include words so that students are able to be more independent with the activity.

The recording sheets have variety of options which include multiple choice, tracing letters (both uppercase and lowercase) and blank so that you can choose the option that works best for each student.

The middle vowel recording sheets have options that include using a word bank and or doing it without.

The math set covers:

  • Numbers 1-10 (ten frames and counting pictures)
  • Numbers 11-20 (twenty frames and base ten blocks)
  • Addition facts to 10

The recording sheets also include a multiple choice option, a number tracing option and a blank option. This way you can further differentiate the activity for each student's particular needs.

You are going to love the differentiation offered in these pumpkin math centers that teach addition.

Playing the Pumpkin Spin and Cover Games

These pumpkin spin and cover games are so fun and perfect for math and literacy centers!

Students will place a transparent spinner over the pumpkin pie spinner on the mat. They can also spin a paper clip around a dull pencil point as another option.

Your kids will love these differentiated games.

They will look at which letter, digraph or number they landed on and cover a corresponding item on the mat.

Highly differentiated math and literacy centers with recording sheets.

Then they will use a recording sheet to record their choice. This part is totally optional. Students can simply play the game, if you would prefer not to use the recording sheets.

Differentiated spin and cover games for a pumpkin theme.

Play continues until all of the spots on the mat have been covered.

Recording Sheets for Even More Differentiation

There are several different recording sheet options for each spin and cover game included in the pack. This will help you differentiate even further for the individual needs of your students.

Differentiated phonics worksheets.

There are are also several different recording sheets for each spin and cover math game. This way you can meet the needs of all the different levels in your classroom.

Differentiated math worksheets.

I hope these games make it so much easier for you to differentiate centers and meet the individual needs of your students! And I hope they have a great time playing them!

Get the pumpkin spin and cover ending sounds version for free below!

These differentiated pumpkin spin and cover math and literacy activities are perfect for students at many different levels. Add them to your fall centers in kindergarten and first grade.

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Buy the Pumpkin Spin and Cover Games

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I hope you enjoy them!