Dinosaur Count and Cover Numbers Activity for Preschool

This dinosaur count and cover math activity would be perfect for your preschool or kindergarten math centers. It’s a fun counting activity for your dinosaur theme.

Dinosaur counting activity mats

Dinosaur Count and Cover Math Activity

If you looking for a hands-on, differentiated way for your students to learn counting, number recognition and number sense, then these dinosaur count and cover mats are perfect for you!

They require no-prep other than printing and slipping into write and wipe pockets or laminating. There is no cutting involved. Plus, they come in color AND black and white options.

They would be a great addition to your dinosaur math centers!

Dinosaur counting mats for preschool and kindergarten.

Differentiated Dinosaur Counting Activities

What’s even better is that they are differentiated for the different needs of your students. Some students can work on numbers 1-5, others can work on 1-10, and your more advanced group can use the 11-20 mats.

There are mats with numbers, ten frames, and twenty frames so you can differentiate even further by using the different types of mats.

Students can also work on their own or with a buddy.

Add in fine motor work by having students use kid-safe plastic tweezers to move the mini erasers to the spaces on the mats.

Dinovember math activity for kids.

Setting Up the Dinosaur Counting Mats

Adult supervision is required for all activities I share. Please use discretion when doing the activities with children and only do activities that you feel are safe for your kids. Children under 3 should not participate in any activities that involve small pieces.

Supplies Needed:

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  • The dinosaur count and cover mats (button to download is at the bottom of this post)

Simply print the mats and slip them into a write and wipe pockets. You can also laminate them instead.

Using the Dinosaur Count and Cover Mats with Your Students

Students will look at a space on the mat and then count out the same number of mini erasers to that space on the mat.

This will continue until they fill all of the spaces on the mat.

These dinosaur counting mats are perfect for math centers, math rotations, or morning tubs. They could even work well for small group instruction.

I hope your kids enjoy them during your dinosaur theme or dinovember!

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