Free Printable Back to School Number Tower Mats

Use these free Back to School Number Towers activity mats to work on counting, number sense and number composition in pre-k and kindergarten.

Free printable back to school number sense activity for kids. Students will make a snap cube tower that matches the domino on each crayon box and then write a number sentence to match.

Back to School Number Sense Activity

This back-to-school-themed number sense activity is just what you need to get your students practicing their math skills. Add it to your math center for practice with counting, addition, number recognition, composing and decomposing numbers, one-to-one correspondence, and fine motor practice!

The mats come in color and black and white so you can use them even if you can’t print in color.

Once you have the number tower mats, there are a couple of options for you to choose from. First, there are boxes of crayons with pictures of dominos on them. The students will use two colors of linking cubes to count and match the domino.

The next option is a building activity that shows one number. The student will use two colors of linking cubes to make a tower that equals that number.

The final option is a recording sheet for your students to write addition sentences to match the towers they created.

The mats include the numbers 1-10 and will give your students lots of practice with a variety of math skills. They give kids a fun way to build number sense and develop fine motor skills!

Number mats with a back to school theme. Students build a tower that matches the number on each crayon box or desk and then write the corresponding number sentence on the recording sheet.

Print and Play Math Activity

The back-to-school number tower mats includes multiple color game boards and a recording sheet. You will print them out and slide them into a write and wipe pocket or laminate for durability. Then gather some linking cubes and pencils and begin playing!

No cutting, coloring, or gluing is required! From one print-out, your students will be practicing their number recognition, counting, one-to-one correspondence, and fine motor skills!

You might even be able to grade a couple of papers before your prep time is over with this no prep math activity!

Free printable number sense math activity for your back to school math centers in pre-k and kindergarten.

Setting Up the Number Tower Mats

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Supplies Needed:

  • Back to School Number Towers Math Activity (get it by clicking the button at the bottom of this post)
  • 2 colors of linking cubes per student
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print the game board and recording sheets.
  2. Slide into write and wipe pockets for durability. You can also laminate it.
  3. Gather the linking cubes.
  4. Store in a large bag or storage container for easy access.
A fun, hands-on math activity for learning to compose and decompose numbers to 10.

Using this School Theme Number Sense Activity

The first version shows a box of crayons with a domino on it. The students will use one color to create a tower on top of the left side of the domino and another color on the right side of the domino. Then, they will combine the two towers to make one cube tower.

Next, they will record the addition sentence they created. For example, the domino shows a 2 and a 5. They will make a tower with 2 yellows and a tower with 5 blues. Then they will combine the tower to make one tower. They will then write the addition sentence 2+5=7.

The second version is similar but more complex by having them problem solve a little more. The desk shows a number, and the students will design a tower using 2 colors of cubes that add up to that number.

Then, they will write an addition sentence to match the tower that they built. For example, the desk has a 2 on it. The student would create a tower with 2 colors (1 red and 1 purple). Then, they would write the addition sentence to match (1+1=2).

No-prep back to school theme math center activity for kids.

More Ideas for the Number Tower Mats

Hands-on activities included are 2 versions to play for easy differentiation! These game boards could be used for a small group, math centers, a whole class activity, an after-school tutoring group, and so much more.

If your students aren’t ready to make addition sentences yet, you could use the mats with just numbers and have them make towers with one color to just practice counting and one-to-one correspondence.

They could use play dough to create little counters to match each numbered spot on the mat. Mini erasers would make a great manipulative for this idea, as well.

Students could also use different manipulatives like pom poms, building blocks or other manipulatives.

Early finishers would love to work together with a partner to build a tower for every spot on the mat. This could be completed quietly once they have finished their main math lesson. If you have a student looking for more practice, they could transfer their addition sentence into a ten frame to take it even further.

A back to school theme math activity for your math centers or small group instruction in kindergarten.

Grab these number tower mats to have a fun way to practice number composition or counting at the beginning of the year. They are no prep for you, which is perfect for the beginning of the year!

Click the button below to get the back-to-school number towers math activity. Happy learning!

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