Free Printable Number Cover Up Mats

Grab these Free Printable Number Cover Up Mats to practice ten frames, counting, number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and more!

Free printable number cover up mats math activity for preschool and kindergarten math centers.

Free Printable Number Cover Up Mats

Use these free number cover up mats to practice ten frames, counting, number recognition, number formation and so many other math skills.

The math game is perfect for kindergarten or first-grade students and can be played so many ways. The free printable math activity comes with 2 game boards: one with numbers 1-10 and another with the numbers 11-20. It also comes with 4 worksheets; 2 that provide a traceable number and 2 that require the student to write the number independently.

Free printable kids math activity for learning numbers 1-20 in preschool and kindergarten. A fun math center activity.

Quick Prep

I know you don’t have a bunch of free time to prep resources with coloring, cutting, gluing, and stapling together, so I made this resource super simple to prepare! All you need to do is print everything and slide the counting mats into wipe and write pockets or laminate them for durability. Gather some manipulatives, and you are ready to play!

Free number sense math activity for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Setting Up the Number Mats

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Supplies Needed:

  • Number Cover Up Mats (get it by clicking the button at the bottom of this post)
  • Small number manipulatives like mini erasers, number cards, or number tiles
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print the mat.
  2. Slide into write and wipe pockets for durability. You can also laminate it.
  3. Copy the recording sheets for your students.
  4. Gather the supplies.
  5. Store in a large bag or storage container for easy access.

Playing the Number Cover Up Mats Free Printable

To use this hands-on math activity, students will look at the ten frames and determine how many dots are in each one. They will then cover that number with the number manipulatives that you provide.

If you use the provided recording sheet, after students determine the number and cover the ten frame, they will find the matching ten frame on the worksheet and write the number. Some of the numbers are repeated twice on a mat, so they would just come back and write the number on the recording sheet a second time.

You can use number beads, number cards, number tiles, or numbered mini erasers for your manipulatives.

For the numbers 11-20, I wrote the number on counting chips. You could write the number on blank scrabble tiles or something similar as well.

Free printable number mats for learning numbers, counting, number formation and more!

More Ideas to Play

Another option for game play is to have the students determine the number in the ten frame and then count that many items on the side of the table. Small items like mini erasers or counting chips can be used. Students could even make a tower with snap cubes or LEGO bricks!

These number cover up mats would be great for small groups, math centers, early finishers, tutoring groups, or morning math.

Free printable number mats for numbers 1-20. These mats require no prep and can be differentiated very easily!

Your students will enjoy using these number mats! Plus, you get all the benefits of a low-prep resource that teaches kids so many math skills. Use it with your preschool kiddos, kindergarten students, or firsties, and watch them grow before your eyes!

Click below to get the number cover up mats free printable! Happy learning!

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