Free Printable Gingerbread Addition and Subtraction Mats

Need a hands-on way for students to practice math facts this Christmas season? These gingerbread addition & subtraction mats are a blast!

Free printable gingerbread theme addition and subtraction mats. The mats have random addition to 10 facts on them and students use number tiles to show the answer.

Gingerbread Addition and Subtraction Mats

The holiday season is an exciting time of year in the classroom. There are a ton of fun and engaging learning opportunities during the Christmas season. Your students will love mastering their addition and subtraction facts with this gingerbread- themed addition and subtraction matching activity.

These fun Christmas math mats focus on addition to 10 and subtraction within 10. This is perfect for kindergarten and first-grade students this time of year. There are 4 math fact mats in all, 2 addition and 2 subtraction. There are 9 equations on each mat. That makes for a lot of great opportunities to practice math facts!

Students will choose an equation from the gingerbread house mat and solve it. Then they will place the appropriate number tile over the equation to make a match and solve the equation.

The students can use the number tiles provided in the free printable math activity, use other number tiles you have on hand, or they can write the equation with a dry-erase marker.

Your students will have fun matching equations and solving math facts with this fun gingerbread activity.

Free printable addition and subtraction within 10 math facts activity with a gingerbread theme.

Easy Prep for the Busy Season

During the busy Christmas season, you don’t have a ton of time to prep activities and gather a ton of supplies. Our gift to you is EASY PREP!

This gingerbread addition and subtraction activity can be prepped in a matter of minutes! All you have to do is print and laminate the addition and subtraction mats. You can also slide the entire sheet into a write and wipe pocket if you don’t have access to a laminator.

If you are using the number tiles provided, print and cut those out as well. You can laminate these before cutting for added durability.

To store the activity, slide the math mats, number tiles, dry-erase markers, erasers, or whatever you are using for the activity into a large zipper baggie or a colorful tray for easy grab-and-go access for your students.

If you want to use these gingerbread man mats for centers or small groups, take that into consideration when you are prepping, as you may be able to use fewer copies!

Differentiated Gingerbread Activities for Addition and Subtraction

This gingerbread addition and subtraction activity can be easily differentiated to meet the learning needs of your students as well as your instructional needs.

You can use these mats to focus solely on addition to 10, subtraction within 10, or mixed addition and subtraction. This helps to differentiate and meet students where they’re at. Some students may need to work on addition alone while others work on subtraction. Students ready for a challenge can work on both types of equations with all 4 mats.

Ideas for differentiation are:

  • independent activity
  • partner game
  • math centers
  • guided math
  • small groups
  • as a “Bingo game” where students work to fill their mat up
  • use dry-erase markers to practice writing addition and subtraction facts
  • with a recording sheet to practice writing the equation
  • with a recording sheet to write fact families
  • assign certain students addition or subtraction mats and other students both mats based on level
  • as a fun learning activity during your gingerbread unit
  • have students draw a number tile and find an addition or subtraction problem with that answer

Setting up the Gingerbread Math Mats

Supplies needed:

  • Gingerbread Addition and Subtraction Mats
  • Printable number tiles
  • Classroom number tiles (optional)
  • Dry-erase markers (optional)
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print and laminate the math mats OR slide the mats into write and wipe pockets.
  2. Print and laminate the number tiles if using.
  3. Cut the number tiles apart.
  4. Store all materials in zipper baggies or colorful trays.
Printable addition and subtraction to ten math facts activity for Christmas math centers.

Playing the Gingerbread Addition and Subtraction Matching Game

To use this fun Christmas activity, students will choose an equation from the gingerbread house mat to solve first. They will use an addition or subtraction strategy to solve for the sum or difference. They will search for the number tile that matches the answer and place it over the equation.

It is good practice to teach students to check their answers to ensure they chose the correct number tile. They can do this by reading the addition or subtraction sentence aloud to themselves or a partner. If they make a mistake, this will help them catch and fix it.

These gingerbread men addition and subtraction matching mats will make learning fun as students work with numbers during math class! Use this as a fun addition game, subtraction game, or mixed practice game during your holiday math studies!

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Looking for an online version of this activity? Check out the gingerbread addition and subtraction activity for Google Slides or Seesaw!

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