Digital Rainbow Addition Within 20 Math Activity

Are your little mathematicians working on addition skills? This digital rainbow addition within 20 activity will help them master those addition facts in no time!

A free digital addition within 20 math activity for Google Slides and Seesaw.

Digital Rainbow Addition Within 20 Activity

As the weather warms up this spring, your students will be excited to practice their addition facts with a bright, rainbow theme. Addition is a key skill for kindergarten students and first grade students at this time of year.

This version of our digital addition within 20 mats has a fresh, spring rainbow theme that your students are going to love. They’re perfect for practicing solving addition facts with the ten-frame strategy. Students will use digital rainbow manipulatives to model and solve the addition problems on the screen.

This digital rainbow math activity is perfect for a technology center or distance learning, as it can be used with both Google Slides and Seesaw. However, you can assign the activity in any online learning platform.

Add this digital rainbow addition activity to your lesson plans this spring and watch as students build a variety of skills from number sense, counting, one-to-one correspondence, subitizing, adding, number pairs, counting on, using ten-frames, and modeling equations.

Free Google Slides and Seesaw math activity with a rainbow theme.

Setting Up the Rainbow Addition Within 20 Activity in Google Slides

Students may use Google Slides™ to do this activity.

The download file includes a detailed guide with instructions and pictures on how to use this activity with your students, but it is quite simple to do.

If you are an instructor or teacher, you will want to copy the Google Slides assignment to your Google Drive and save it as a master copy.

Make sure that you click the dropdown next to the attachment. Pick the “Make a copy for each student” option.

Setting Up this Rainbow Addition Activity in Seesaw

Students can also use this activity in Seesaw, if you would like.

You will click the Seesaw specific link in the download file. When you arrive at the activity, you will need to click the “Save Activity” button. Then you will assign the activity to your students.

Free paperless rainbow addition to 20 activity for Google Slides and Seesaw.

Practicing Adding to 20

This digital rainbow addition game is not only fun, but is an effective way for students to improve their addition skills this spring and through the rest of the year. There are 18 slides of addition equations with sums between 10 and 20 for students to practice solving.

To play this rainbow addition game, students will look at the addition equation at the top right hand corner of the screen. Then, they will use the rainbow pieces to model the addition problem on the double ten-frame in the sky. Finally, they will count the rainbows to solve the addition equation. The last step is to type the sum in the answer box at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

The double ten-frames allow students to model and work with the numbers in a hands-on way without needing actual manipulatives. This is a great problem solving strategy for students to practice. It helps them to visualize the math problem and work through it with concrete models.

I encourage you to have your students say the addition equation out loud once they’ve solved it to add an auditory element to the learning. Many students will master math facts even faster by saying them out loud.

Free digital rainbow math activity for virtual learning while using Seesaw and Google Slides.

Differentiating the Rainbow Addition Game

Another great thing about the digital rainbow addition game is that it can be used in a variety of ways to meet the needs of your students and the learning situation.

To make the game easier for students who are struggling, you can delete some of the slides so they don’t have as many to solve. You can work your way up to having them complete all 18. Additionally, you can reorder the slides so they work on sums to 15 and then sums to 20 when they’re ready. As they improve, you can scaffold the learning and add more slides and larger sums.

You can group your students in small groups based on their level and have them working on the same slides during small groups or math center rotations.

For your students who are mastering their addition facts and need a challenge, you can assign all slides, mix up the slides, and even have them say a word problem that goes along with their addition equation. This encourages critical thinking.

This activity is perfect for anytime of day and can be used for morning work, whole group practice, differentiated small groups, independent practice, or an at-home learning activity. It would be a great spiral review before and after spring break, too!

Digital rainbow math activity for learning addition within 20.

I hope your students enjoy using this digital rainbow addition within 20 activity. I hope they grow their addition fact confidence and have a blast doing it this spring!

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