Rainbow Find and Cover the Letters Alphabet Printable

This free printable rainbow find and cover the letters activity is a fun way for kids to learn letter sounds and letter identification this spring. It’s perfect for literacy centers!

Free printable rainbow find and cover the letters alphabet activity.

Rainbow Find and Cover the Letters

While using these rainbow find and cover mats, students will review and reinforce letter sounds in a fun and engaging way.

This is perfect for your spring lesson plans!

Free printable rainbow find and cover the letters alphabet activity for preschool and kindergarten.

Setting Up the Rainbow Activity

These find and cover mats are super easy to prep. Just print and play!

Supplies Needed:

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  • The Rainbow Find and Cover Mats (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Buttons or another small manipulative like colorful craft pom poms or rainbow mini erasers
  • Binder rings to put picture cards on (optional)

Just print the mats and slip into write and wipe pockets (or laminate) for durability.

Print, laminate and cut out the letter sounds picture cards that you would like to use with the activity.

The good thing about the cards is that once you make the sets of cards, you can use them again and again with all of the other find and cover mats I create.

*BRAND NEW: These now include two different picture card sets, so you can change them up when using the find and cover activities!

The mats are now ready to use!

Rainbow theme alphabet game for preschool and kindergarten.

Playing the Rainbow Find and Cover Alphabet Game

This spring alphabet game is super simple to play!

They will begin by flipping over a letter sounds picture card. Then they will look at the picture and determine which sound is at the beginning of the word illustrated on the card.

Once they know the beginning sound represented on the card, they will then look for the corresponding letter on the rainbow.

After they find the letter they will cover it with a button or another manipulative of your choice.

If you would like to differentiate for kids who need more practice with letter identification, you could use letter magnets, letter beads or another alphabet manipulative.

You will put the magnets in a pile or a container and students will take one out and find the corresponding match on the rainbow. Then cover the spot with a button. Students can match the letters directly or lowercase to uppercase match.

I hope the kids have a blast with this rainbow alphabet activity!

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