Numbers Four in a Row Board Game

This numbers four in a row board game is sure to make learning numbers 0-20 lots of fun! Add it to your math centers for hands-on practice.

Numbers four in a row board game for learning numbers and building number sense in kindergarten.

Numbers Four in a Row Board Game

This free printable number game is very simple to learn how to play and the four in a row portion adds even more strategy to the game play as well.

It comes with 4 different game boards and each one has 5 numbers on it, with the exception one game board that has 6 numbers on it.

Students will get lots of practice with number identification, counting and subitizing – all in a fun, hands-on way!

A fun number sense board game for learning numbers, counting and subitizing. Add to kindergarten math centers for fun and learning.

No-Prep Numbers Board Game

This number sense game is super simple to set up and use! All you have to do is print the game boards and gather manipulatives. Then the games are ready to play!

With simple instructions, students will learn how to play with ease. For additional guidance, instructions are written on each game board.

Numbers board game with game board around outside of the sheet and four in a row game on the inside of the game board. Numbers board game has ten frames and twenty frames on each space and four in a row game has numbers in each space.

Numbers Game Set Up

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Supplies Needed:

  • Numbers Four in a Row Board Game Printables (button to access the resource at the bottom of this post)
  • Dice
  • Mini erasers or mini pom poms to use on the four in a row portion of the game
  • Snap cubes or other items to use as a game piece


  1. Print the board games.
  2. Gather the supplies you would like your students to use on the games.
  3. They are now ready to use!
Number sense board game for learning numbers 0-20.

Developing Number Sense

Students will begin by putting their game board piece on the spot that has a star on it. Then they will roll the dice and move that many spaces on the game board.

When they land on a ten-frame and twenty-frame, they will determine which number it shows. Then they will cover one instance of that number on the four in a row portion of the game board.

A math game for kids to learn numbers 0-20 and build number sense.

Students continue to roll the dice, move around the game board and cover numbers until one player gets four numbers in a row covered.

This is where students will need to use strategy to try to cover four spaces in a row. The first player to do this will win the game!

Learn numbers and practice math skills with a fun number board game.

Learning Numbers Through Play

This game is perfect for two players to use during math centers and can be used for early finishers or soft start morning routines as well.

You can pick and choose which game boards you would like to use. Once students are more familiar with a set of numbers, they can use the game board for extra practice with those numbers.

These numbers four in a row board games are going to add lots of fun and engagement to your math plans this school year!

Add the games to centers or fast-finisher stations for extra practice all year long!

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