Ice Cream Addition To 10 Free Printable Cards

These ice cream addition to 10 cards are a fun, hands-on way to practice addition facts to 10 in kindergarten and 1st grade.

Ice Cream Addition Cards

These ice cream addition task cards are going to be something your kids will love! Your students will work on addition problems to 10 with this math game. As they count the scoops of ice cream and add them together, they will enhance their addition skills.

They may use the number tiles included in the addition activity or other number tiles you have in the classroom to build the math equation.

This addition math activity focuses on addition facts to 10 and forming addition equations to match the picture.

Teaching addition within 10 with these ice cream theme math task cards. Students use number tiles to build the number sentence illustrated on the card.

Low-Prep, High-Fun

This ice cream task card game for addition is easy for you to get prepped! Just print and cut the cards and number tiles. Store the entire game in a zipper baggie so nothing gets lost. That’s it!

If you want to use dry-erase markers to practice writing the equation, you may laminate or slide the cards into a dry-erase pocket. Just add the markers to the baggie to keep everything together. If your markers don’t have an eraser attached, just toss a tissue or felt square into the baggie for easy erasing. Now it is simple for the kids to grab and go!

If you plan to use this activity for small groups or partners, you can print less copies than the number of students in your class.

Addition to 10 ice cream theme task cards. Two ice cream scoops with a number of scoops on it and students add them together and make an addition sentence with number tiles.

Differentiated Ice Cream Activities

This ice cream addition activity can be differentiated in many ways. It can be used in different instructional settings. You can make it easier or more difficult depending on the needs of your students. Here are some ideas for how to use this game in different ways in your classroom.

  • Individually, with partners, during math centers, or in small groups.
  • As a summer learning activity.
  • As a “Scoot” game where the students build the equation at each station.
  • With dry-erase markers to practice their addition writing skills.
  • With a recording sheet to practice writing the equation with the symbols.
  • As an ice cream addition match game. (You will need 2 copies to play this way).
  • Assign certain students addition to 5 cards and other students addition to 10 cards, depending on needs.

Setting Up the Ice Cream Addition Cards

Supplies needed:

  • Ice Cream Addition to 10 Cards and number tiles (link to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Classroom number tiles (optional)
  • Dry-erase markers (optional)
  • Dry-erase pockets (optional)
  1. Print and cut the cards and number tiles
  2. Laminate cards and number tiles OR slide the cards into dry-erase pockets (optional)

Playing the Ice Cream Addition Card Game

Students will look at the task card picture of the cones and ice cream scoops. They will count how many scoops are on each cone and add them together to get the sum.

Then, they will use the number tiles to fill in the correct numbers to make the addition sentence true. You can take this a step further and have them write the sentence with a dry-erase marker or on a recording sheet as well.

I like to have my students read the addition sentence aloud. I also teach my students to check their work to make sure that the addends and the sum make sense.

Ice cream theme addition to 10 task cards. Students use number tiles to make the addition sentence on the card.

These ice cream addition to 10 cards are a simple yet engaging way for your students to practice their addition facts and skills. With so many ways to differentiate, this is an activity all of your kids will love.

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