Editable Math Mats for Google Classroom and Seesaw

Looking for math activities for Google Slides™ or Seesaw? These editable math mats are interactive and super easy to use! Type in any math problems you want!

Paperless digital math mats for distance learning.

Editable Math Mats

If you are looking for a fun, editable math activity you can load to your Google Classroom or Seesaw this one is perfect for you!

I am so happy that we were able to make these math mats so that they work in both Google Slides or Seesaw!

Type in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts and students can use the mats to solve the problems in an interactive way.

Since it is editable, you can easily differentiate for the needs of your students!

Paperless math mats on Google Slides for distance learning.

Interactive Math Activity for Google Slides or Seesaw

Students may not have manipulatives at home to use, but they can use “virtual” manipulatives to engage with math and make it more visual.

You can still skip the flashcards and worksheet-like activities and try this more engaging and hands-on math activity with your students.

There is a link to the Google Slides activity and a link to the Seesaw activity within the PDF that gets sent to you. Just click the one you would like to use and follow the instructions within the PDF.

Math mats for Google Slides and Seesaw

Setting Up the Digital Math Mats in Google Slides

Students can use Google Slides™ to do this activity.

The download includes a detailed guide with instructions and pictures on how to use the file with you students, but it is quite simple to do.

If you are a instructor or teacher, you will want to copy the Google slides assignment to your Google Drive and save it as a master copy.

If you are differentiating for a variety of levels, you will want to make a different master copy for each level or group of students.

After that, you will need to create an assignment for each student and attach Google Slides doc you want them to work on.

Once it has been uploaded, make sure that you click the dropdown next to the attachment and pick the the students you want to send that specific copy too.

If you are using the same mats with your whole class, make sure that you click the dropdown next to the attachment. Pick the “Make a copy for each student” option.

Seesaw math activity that is editable.

Setting Up this Activity in Seesaw

Students can also use this activity in Seesaw. However, in order to edit the file and type in your own math facts you will need Seesaw Premium or Seesaw for Schools.

You will need to click the “Save Activity” button when you arrive at the activity.

To edit click the “… button” and select “Copy and  Edit Activity” when you are on the assignment screen. You will need Seesaw Plus or Seesaw for Schools to edit.

On the next screen click on the “Template Attached” image and edit. After making changes you will then assign to your students.

Using this Digital Math Activity

There are visual instructions for students to refer to before starting the activity.

They will go to the first math mat and look at the problem you have typed on it and they will say it out loud.

Paperless math activity for Google Slides and Seesaw

Then they will use the moveable snap cubes to show the problem on the mat.

For example, if the problem is 2 + 5, they will take two blocks of one color and put them on the mat. Then they will take 5 blocks of another color and add those to the mat.

Then they will count up all of the blocks to find the sum of the two numbers.

If students are multiplying or dividing on the mat, they may need to use a variety of colored cubes because there are only 10 of each color provided.

Digital paperless math activity for kids.

After they find the sum, they will type it in the box at the top right of the mats.

We hope that these Google Slides math mats are very helpful to you and your students.

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