Free Printable Addition and Subtraction Mats with LEGO

Use these addition and subtraction mats for a simple, hands-on math activity that students can do at home with supplies they already have!

Addition and subtraction math mats in black and white. Using LEGO to add and subtract on mats.

Addition and Subtraction Mats

In my effort to create a fun, hands-on math activity that students can easily use at home, I came up with these free printable mats.

They come in black and white only, so no color is needed to print them. Plus, students can use any small manipulatives they have available to add and subtract on the mats.

One thing that many students have is LEGO bricks, so we decided to use those to demonstrate the activity for you.

Students can also use small toys like Shopkins, buttons, beads, or any other small manipulatives they may have in the home.

Rather than use dice, I made cards for students to use on the mats. You can choose from 10 frame cards or number cards. The cards go from 0-20.

I’ve also included a recording sheet for students to write the equations they created on the mats.

No need for lamination, dry-erase markers, or dice like other math mats!

Math activity mats for learning addition and subtraction in kindergarten or first grade.

Differentiated Math

These are easy to differentiate because students can use them to do addition or subtraction within 20.

This means some students could be doing addition within 10 while others are doing addition within 20.

Students who are ready for subtraction could be doing subtraction within 10 and then more advanced students may be doing addition within 20.

I kept cards 0-10 on one page and cards 11-20 on another, so parents will only need to print one page if you are staying within 10.

Setting Up the Addition and Subtraction Mats

Supplies Needed:

  • Addition and Subtraction Mats (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Small manipulatives to use on the mats
  1. Print the mats and cards you are using.
  2. Cut the cards apart.
LEGO addition and subtraction mats in black and white with a recording sheet.

Using the Math Activity Mats

Students will place all of the cards in a pile facedown on their work surface. Then they will draw two cards from the pile.

These two cards will be placed in the two rectangles at the top of the mat you are using.

Students will then put the corresponding number of manipulatives on the lower portion of the mat and use them to solve the math problem at the top of the mat.

Subtraction mats to use at home

If students are using the subtraction mats, they will need to put the higher number in the left rectangle on the mat and the lower number on the right rectangle.

Then students can record the equation they just made in a spot on the recording sheet. This gives them further reinforcement and something to turn into you, if need be.

These mats make learning math a fun, hands-on experience and give students a way to tangibly see what is happening when they add or subtract numbers.

I hope your students enjoy them!

To get the FREE addition and subtraction mats, click the button below!

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