Snowman 100 and 120 Chart Find and Cover Printable Number Mats

These free Snowman 100 & 120 Chart Find and Cover Number Mats are perfect for practicing number recognition, counting, & so much more!

Snowman 100 and 120 chart find and cover number mats math activity for winter math centers in preschool, kindergarten and first grade.

Snowman 100 & 120 Chart Find and Cover Number Mats

Grab this free printable and practice counting with this snowman math game! With a cute snowman theme, your students can practice skip counting, number sense, and other counting activities.

The resource comes with 2 number charts; one from 1-100 and another from 1-120. The activity also comes with number cards. This winter-themed resource can be printed in black and white or color.

These find and cover number mats would be great for math centers, practicing writing numbers, and filling in the missing number activities.

Number recognition is vital for kindergarteners to have a strong foundation for more advanced math skills. It can be hard to practice this skill, but a lot of repetition and various resources will help your students become great mathematicians.

Free snowman 100 chart and 120 chart math activity for winter theme lesson plans.

Easy to Prep

These snowman count mats are so easy to get ready to use. You will print a mat and set of number cards per student, and you are done. The number cards will need to be cut apart, but you could have your students do that to sneak in some extra fine motor practice! Or you could print one number card set, and everyone uses the same set.

Slide the mats into wipe and write pockets for durability or laminate them. Then students can use dry-erase markers on the 100’s chart too. Store everything in a large container or tray, and this math activity is ready to go!

Free snowman 100 and 120 chart math activity for developing number sense in your winter math centers.

Setting Up the Snowman 100 & 120 Chart Find and Cover Mats

Supplies Needed:

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  • Snowman Number Find and Cover Mats with Number Cards (button to get the resource at the bottom of this post)
  • Small manipulatives or mini erasers
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)
  • Scissors


  1. Print the mats and number cards.
  2. Slide the mats into write and wipe pockets OR laminate them.
  3. Laminate the number cards. (optional)
  4. Cut the number cards and store in a baggie.
  5. Gather manipulatives, such as buttons, mini erasers, etc.
  6. Store the entire activity in a large bag or storage container.
Develop number sense skills with this fun, hands-on 120 chart math activity for first grade math centers.

Using the Snowman Number Charts

Your students can use these snowman number charts for many different activities.

To make this a game, the students will pick the number chart they will use, either 100 or 120. Then, they will choose a number card from the deck. They will read the number and find it on their number chart. Then, cover the number with a small manipulative. Play continues until one of the players gets 5 in a row.

More Ideas for Usage

These snowman numbers find and cover mats are so simple but can be used in so many ways. Your students could keep them at their desks for when they need help identifying or writing a number.

Add a recording sheet to up the level of learning for students that are ready for that. If some students aren’t prepared for a full 100 chart, take out the number cards they aren’t prepared for and cross out those numbers on the chart. If the chart is in a wipe and write pocket or laminated, you can use a dry erase marker to cross them out.

Play a whole class game of bingo with the charts to get everyone involved in practicing their numbers. If you are studying ten frames, you could have students fill in ten frames to match the number drawn.

More uses for the Snowman 100 & 120 Charts

  • Math centers
  • Calendar time
  • Early finishers
  • Small group learning
  • Whole class learning
  • Tutoring group
  • At home learning
  • Reference sheet
  • Snowman or winter themed unit
Develop number sense with this free snowman 100 chart math activity for kindergarten math centers.

Pick up these free snowman 100 & 120 chart find and cover number mats, and get learning this winter. Your students will love the cute snowmen, and you will love the easy prep. Everyone will love using them and practicing their numbers!

Click the button below to get the snowman 100 & 120 charts find and cover number mats. Enjoy!

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