Snow Globe Roll and Cover Math Game Printable

Try this fun snow globe roll and cover math game for a fun way to learn numbers, counting, subitizing and addition. It’s great for winter math centers!

Snow globe mats with numbers all over the snow globe. A dice to roll and then cover the corresponding number on the mat.

Snow Globe Roll and Cover

I am back with another fun roll and cover game! We had a blast with the Christmas tree roll and cover game I shared last time, but we can’t wait to use this one more too!

The winter snowman theme of this one is so much fun! The kids love that they can use a variety of manipulatives on them. We used white buttons, white craft pom poms, and even snowflake mini erasers.

Snow globe mats with numbers on it and two dice to add numbers together and cover corresponding sum on the mat with white craft pom poms.

Differentiated Winter Math Activities

There are two levels or ways to play this game.

With the first level, students will roll one dice and cover a corresponding number on the mat.

With the second level, students will roll two dice, add the numbers together and cover a corresponding space on the mat.

It’s super simple to play so kids can easily learn to play it independently.

Setting Up the Snowman Math Game

These snowman roll and cover mats are super easy to prep. Just print and play!

Supplies Needed:

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  • The Snow Globe Roll and Cover Mats (button to download at the bottom of this post)
  • Foam dice
  • Buttons or white craft pom poms or even snowflake mini erasers

Just print the mats and slip into write and wipe pockets (or laminate) for durability.

The mats are now ready to use!

Using the Snowman Roll and Cover Mats

This winter math game is super simple to play!

Students using the first mat will roll a dice. Then they will cover a corresponding number on the snow globe with a button or another manipulative of your choice.

Snow globe mats with numbers 2-12 on it in white dots. Students roll the two dice and cover the right space with a white button.

Students using the second mat will roll two dice and add the two numbers together. Then they will cover the sum on the snow globe with a button.

Students continue rolling the dice and covering numbers on the snow globe until all of the numbers are covered.

Snow globe winter math mats

That’s it! It’s a super simple, but totally effective way for students to learn numbers, counting, addition and more!

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