Kindergarten Science Experiments

These fun and easy kindergarten science experiments will be a hit with your kids. They are all hands-on and engaging STEM activities for kids!

Science Kindergarten Activities

Simple Kindergarten Science Experiments

If you’re looking for easy and entertaining science experiments to enjoy with your kindergarten students, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m passionate about sparking my kids’ curiosity through science investigations, and we’ve made it a goal to do even more of them. We’ve curated a collection of our favorite science activities.

Knowing that many of you are also eager to discover science experiments and activities suitable for kindergarten students, I’ve decided to share them right here with you.

If you’re in search of science activities tailored for kindergarten, this resource is bound to be a great help to you. Bookmark and come back to it as we will continue to add more experiments to this page as we do them.

Favorite Science Experiments for Kindergarten

These are some of our most popular STEM activities for kindergarten.

Your kids will love watching the colors race together in the Skittles experiment. Their reactions to the Fireworks in a Jar experiment and Lava Lamp experiment are always fun to watch!

You will be able to explain the science, prompt them to ask questions and answer questions as they ask them.

Skittles rainbow candy experiment.
Lava lamp experiment for kids. This fun science experiment is great for kids of all ages!

Science – Capillary Action

Capillary action occurs because water is sticky since water molecules like to stay together (cohesion). Thanks to adhesion, water sticks to other substances and moves along their walls. Learn more about capillary action with the three colorful experiments!

Walking water science experiment that is so much fun! This rainbow science activity is super cool!
Grow a Rainbow Feature

Science – Fun with Water

Most kids love water! Your students will learn so much with these fun hands-on science activities!

This rain cloud in a jar science experiment for young kids is a great way to explore weather.
Magic pepper and soap science experiment for kids.

More Science Fun

Here are some more fun and exciting experiments for your kindergarten students! The kids will have a blast while they engage with these hands-on science lessons.

A fun science and sensory activity for kids.
If you are looking for a simple science activity to do with the kids, then look no further! This magic milk science experiment is perfect for you!

Educational Benefits of Science Experiments

Apart from the visual fun, experiments offer numerous benefits for students:

  • Critical Thinking: Kids will experiment with different variations and use trial and error to figure out how to manipulate the experiment. Be sure to ask questions to help foster your students’ curiosity. Invite them to ask you questions as well!
  • Chemical Reactions: They will be introduced to chemical reactions, creating curiosity about the interactions between substances.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Kids will help with these fun science experiments. They will be able to help setup the activity, pour, mix, and so much more.
  • Creativity: Experiments are a great way for kids to explore their creativity. They will be able to try so many different fun variations.
  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: As kids conduct experiments and have successful results, their confidence will really grow! This will encourage them to tackle challenges with excitement and perseverance.

We hope your kindergarten students love these engaging science activities!

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