Easy STEM Activities for Kids

We’ve got the most amazing STEM adventures! These mind-blowing STEM activities for kids will get those gears turning and have the little engineers in your life learning while having an absolute blast. With these super cool STEM projects you’ll keep the fun going all year round.

Easy STEM Activities for Kids

Easy and Fun STEM Activities

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM is a key foundation for many careers and incorporating it in school is more important now than it’s ever been. These fun and engaging STEM activities will teach your kids while having fun!

These projects will get your kids experimenting and problem solving at the same time. They’ll be learning about practical applications while working on their critical thinking skills.

STEM can be difficult at times and there will probably be failures along the way. It’s important to be able to let them work through that. Pushing through is an important skill and one you definitely have to develop in STEM careers. In technology and science careers, your job pretty much revolves around hitting roadblocks and then having to problem solve.

15 Fun STEM Activities for Kids

1. Catapult Popsicle Stick Activity

This catapult popsicle STEM activity is a fun way for your kids to launch into a world of learning! This activity will only take a few minutes for your kids to put together. Experiment with different launch angles and and record the distances to compare the results.

Investigate how changing the tension of the rubber bands affects the accuracy and distance too!

Catapult Popsicle

2. Coding for Kids: The Best Resources

These are our favorite resources for teaching kids to code! Coding is becoming more and more important in the modern world. Most kids will need to graduate high school with some basic knowledge of code. So we researched and tested all of the best programming games and apps for kids and compiled them here for you to help your kids get a head start!

Resources for Coding

3. Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment

This Rain Cloud in a Jar science experiment will give your kids a chance to explore rain and clouds in an engaging and fun way!

This rain cloud in a jar science experiment for young kids is a great way to explore weather.

4. Build Gumdrop Structures

Candy is great for building structures! This Gumdrop Structure activity lets your kids use science, engineering and math skills while having fun!

Gumdrop Structures

5. Build a Straw Roller Coaster

Build a fun roller coaster with straws, glue and a cardboard box. This STEM challenge has a sturdy track and your kids can really let their creativity out. There will be lots of problem solving as well to get the track design to work!

Straw Roller Coaster

6. Balloon Car STEAM Activity

This Balloon Car activity would also be a fantastic STEM activity to do in the classroom. This activity leads to lots of testing and re-engineering in an effort to get your cars to go faster and travel a greater distance. We loved all of the higher order thinking that was being used by my kids!

STEM Car Balloon

7. LEGO Hexbug Maze

This LEGO Hexbug Maze is a great way for kids to start working on engineering tasks. Our kids made several bridges that went above the maze that the hexbugs had to navigate. It was an engineering task to rebuild it a few times due to the bridge being so low and the hexbugs not being able to fit underneath.

This LEGO maze was a fantastic way to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our kids were constantly thinking through how to make the maze correctly and problem solving any issues they ran into.

This LEGO hexbug maze is so much fun! It's a fantastic STEM activity for kids!

8. Hour of Code

The Hour of Code was originally created as a one hour event in December to help students all across the US come together and start learning to code. The site has become a massive resource with tons of coding exercises for kids that you can now use anytime. Your kids will have a blast with this fun exercises while learning to code!

Hour of Code

9. Egg Drop Challenge

Egg drop challenges are a great STEM activity. Kids will try to come up with creative and innovative ways to protect their egg from breaking when dropping it from different heights. There will be lots of fun trial and error as they figure out the best way to protect their eggs.

Egg Drop Challenge

10. Rainbow Bridge STEM Activity

This fun Rainbow Bridge Activity is a colorful challenge for you kids! They will want to build a strong bridge. Challenge your kids to try and make it strong enough to hold more weight!

Rainbow Bridge STEM Activity

11. Balloon Rocket STEM Activity

This Balloon Rocket STEM Activity is a great way to teach kids about force. They will learn what caused the balloon to move along the yarn while having a blast!

Balloon Rocket

12. Hoop Glider Plane

This fun Hoop Glider Plane will have your kids experimenting with different variations through trial and error to get their glider to fly further each time! This is a great activity that will encourage working on fun variations through play.

Hoop Glider

13. Straw Boats Engineering Challenge

Your kids will love this Straw Boats Engineering Challenge! Especially if they are like our kids and love all things involving water. Your kids will work on solutions by bending straws, adding pieces and even trying to figure out how to balance the pennies on the boat.

Straw Boat

14. Recycled Cardboard Marble Maze

This colorful Cardboard Marble Maze activity will have your kids turning a cardboard box into a creative straw maze! You’ll be amazed at the fun designs they’ll make.

Cardboard Marble Maze

15. Toy Water Balloon Parachute

This Water Balloon Parachute STEM activity is a fun way to experiment with different landing zones and balloon sizes. Kids will want to fill balloons with different amounts of water to see how slow or quick the balloon comes down. Also, does it pop when there is more water? They can also experiment with different landing areas. This is a super fun activity.

Water Balloon Parachute

Good STEM Questions

For most STEM activities these are some great questions to ask.

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  • What are the issues?
  • What materials do you need to use?
  • What is your goal for this activity?

Questions are great to help kids increase understanding and make connections when working on STEM activities.

Easy STEM for Kids

Taking a positive approach when trying to tackle problems with your kids will help them learn to love STEM!

We hope you enjoyed these fun STEM challenges. They will have your kids developing their science, technology, engineering, and math skills through learning and play!