Pond Life Play Dough Invitation

This pond life play dough invitation is a hands-on and playful way to learn about the pond habitat. It is a great addition to your pond life preschool theme!

Pond Life Play Dough Invitation. Preschool science activity and fine motor practice.

We had lots of fun learning about the life cycle of a frog when we made this realistic pond sensory bin! Evan was still interested in learning more about pond life, so I made this fun play dough invitation for him!

He had lots of fun playing with this and it was great for fine motor practice!

Materials Needed:

Green, blue and brown play dough

Pond life animals (Frogs, fish, turtles, ducks, dragonflies, butterflies, etc.)

Stones (You can get a bag of them at the dollar store)


Setting Up the Pond Life Play Dough Invitation

Invitation to make a pond with play dough.

1. Put all of the materials in a divided tray.

Invitation to Explore Pond Life with Play Dough

Invite your child to make a pond and play with the pond life animals. It may help if you read a book about pond life or at least show you child pictures of the pond habitat before doing this.

Make Cattails with play dough and add to pond

Evan really enjoyed making Cattails with toothpicks and brown modeling clay. No pond would be complete without lily pads as well.

Add insects to pond life play dough scene

Add the animals to the pond

He added our frog life cycle toys, fish and a bunch of other toys I was able to find from our stash. I wish we had some ducks to add to our pond. Maybe next time!

Pond life play dough scene that preschoolers can make

He spent a lot of time getting his pond just right. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much he liked this activity and how much fun he had!

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