Syllable Counting Clip Cards Free Printable

Use these syllable counting clip cards to develop phonological awareness in a fun, hands-on way! Plus, build fine motor skills!

Free printable syllable counting clip cards for learning to count syllables in words and develop phonological awareness in preschool and kindergarten.

Syllable Counting Clip Cards

While using these free printable syllable counting clip cards students will practice counting out the number of syllables in each word pictured. Then they will clip the number that corresponds to the number of syllables in the word.

While doing this students will build phonological awareness and fine motor skills!

Phonological awareness is a critical aspect of reading instruction. Blending, segmenting and manipulating words and units of sound is a foundational element to learning to read. That is why developing phonological awareness is so important.

Learning to count syllables can be tough for students, but it is an important pre-reading skill. Use this hands-on activity to engage them in a fun and learning!

There are 24 clip cards in this freebie. There are 8 cards for 1 syllable words, 8 cards for 2 syllable words, and 8 cards for 3 syllable words.

This is a great phonological awareness activity for learning centers, small group time, morning work and more!

Syllable counting activity to develop phonological awareness. Perfect for literacy centers!

Easy to Prep

This fun syllable counting activity is so easy to prep! Simply print, laminate and cut! Or slide a whole page into write and wipe pockets and let students mark answers with dry-erase markers, mini erasers or snap cubes.

There are 4 cards per page so you are only printing 6 pages. You can put stickers on the back of the correct answer so that the cards are self-checking, but that is optional.

Syllable counting literacy activity for kids. A fun way to develop phonological awareness and build fine motor skills.

Setting Up the Syllable Counting Activity

Supplies needed:

  • Syllable Counting Clip Cards Free Printable (button at bottom of the post to get them)
  • Clothespins or other clips


  1. Print the syllable counting cards.
  2. Laminate and cut the cards apart.
  3. Gather clips.
  4. Store the entire activity in a large baggie, file folder, or storage tray.
Square card with a word pictured at top and numbers 1, 2 and 3 in boxes below the picture. Students count syllables in word and clip the number that corresponds to the number of syllables.

Using this Phonological Awareness Activity

The syllable clip cards are quite easy to use and will be a hit in your classroom! Students pick a card and look the picture.

Once they have identified the word pictured, they will say the word out loud. Students can then clap or count the syllables as they say the word. Lastly, they will place a clip on the number that matches the number of syllables in the word.

If you marked the correct answer on the back of the cards, students can flip the card over and make sure they selected the correct number of syllables. Then they will grab another card and keep playing until they have completed all the clip cards.

Free printable syllable counting clip cards for developing phonological awareness skills and fine motor skills too.

Ideas for Use and Differentiation in the Classroom

These syllable counting cards are great for literacy centers, early finishers, whole group lessons, tutoring groups, small groups, and more!

Once you show your students how to play, they can complete the rest independently or in pairs during center time.

To simplify the activity, give students only a couple of cards and make sure they are words and pictures that they have knowledge of already.

It may even be a good idea to go over all of the words with your students beforehand, so that they know what each picture represents.

Develop phonological awareness skills in a fun, hands-on way with these syllable counting clip cards.

Grab the syllable clip cards to practice counting syllables in words. It’s a great way to develop phonological awareness!

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