Compound Words Activity for Google Slides and Seesaw

Use this compound words activity in Google Slides or Seesaw for fun literacy learning and word work instruction while students learn online.

Compound words activity that shows pictures that illustrate each word part and then students find the matching compound word picture from 3 choices on a clip card.

A Fun Compound Words Activity

Are you teaching your students about compound words? This activity makes learning this skill fun and engaging.

I find doing an activity like this is a lot more engaging for students. Rather than simply reading words on a word list or from flash cards, they get to engage with a puzzle-like activity that challenges them to use critical thinking skills.

Many students find it exciting to be able to read such big words too!

Compound words activity to use on Seesaw.

Setting Up the Reading Activity in Google Slides

Students may use Google Slides™ to do this activity.

The download file includes a detailed guide with instructions and pictures on how to use this activity with you students, but it is quite simple to do.

If you are a instructor or teacher, you will want to copy the Google slides assignment to your Google Drive and save it as a master copy.

Make sure that you click the dropdown next to the attachment. Pick the “Make a copy for each student” option.

Teaching compound words in kindergarten and first grade.

Setting Up the Reading Activity in Seesaw

Students can also use this activity in Seesaw, if you would like.

You will click the Seesaw specific link in the download file. When you arrive at the activity, you will need to click the “Save Activity” button. Then you will assign the activity to your students.

Compound words activity on Google Slides.

Learning Compound Words

Students will see a visual representation of each part of the compound word and they will use their thinking skills to determine what word the each picture is illustrating. Then they will combine those two words to find the compound word that is created.

It’s almost like solving a secret code and I find my kids love that aspect of an activity like this.

Teaching students to read and spell compound words in kindergarten and first grade.

For example, students will see a picture of rain drops and then a picture of a bow. They will determine that the first picture is rain and the second picture is bow, so the compound word created is rainbow!

rain + bow = rainbow

Students will look at the three different answer options on the clip card and find the picture that illustrates the word “rainbow.” Then they will drag a check mark chip over to the rainbow on the clip card to mark their answer.

I hope your students have lots of fun with this fun activity!

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