Fall Leaf Rhyming Task Cards

Add these fall leaf rhyming task cards to your literacy centers and small groups this fall and make learning to rhyme both fun and engaging.

Free printable fall leaf rhyming task cards for practice with rhyming in preschool, pre-k and kindergarten.

All About the Rhyming Task Cards

The fall leaf rhyming task cards come with 16 different cards to work on. Each card features CVC words for simple practice with learning to rhyme. There is also a rhyming match recording sheet to use as well.

Rhyming is a critical element in developing phonological awareness. Students will listen to the sounds in each word and notice how they are similar and different to each other. The rhyming task cards help kids with their rhyming skills by encouraging them to listen to the sounds each word makes. This is so important because phonological awareness is the foundation of all literacy skills.

This kind of hands-on practice with rhyming will engage your students while boosting their literacy confidence.

The task cards are ideal for literacy centers, small groups, morning work tubs, or fast-finishers. Just print them out, laminate them, and set them out for the kids.

Fall theme rhyming activity for practice with CVC rhyming words. Perfect for developing phonological awareness this fall!

Prepping the Rhyming Task Cards

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Supplies Needed:


  1. Print the cards on thick paper or cardstock.
  2. Laminate the cards or put them in write and wipe pockets.
  3. Give students dry-erase markers or manipulatives to play with. Place in centers and enjoy!
Rhyming task cards for hands-on practice with rhyming. Find the two words pictured on each card that rhyme and clip or mark them.

What are Task Cards?

Task cards allow students to focus on one task or skill at a time. Instead of overwhelming them with worksheets packed with information, the task cards make things simpler. Kids don’t feel overwhelmed when they use cards like this.

Every time a card is completed, students get a sense of pride for fulfilling one small task. This builds their stamina and self-confidence and works on the skill at hand in a meaningful way.

Rhyming phonological awareness activity for practice with rhyming words.

How to Use the Rhyming Task Cards

Once you have the task cards created and stored in a mesh bag or task card box, place them in your literacy centers. Kids will pull a card and use their manipulatives to cover the rhymes on the spaces.

There are four images on each card. Students have to match two of the images on the card by figuring out the rhyme. The other two images don’t rhyme.

Fall rhyming words task cards for developing phonological awareness.

Differentiate the Rhyming Cards

Use the full set of task cards or use only a portion of them. This will depend on the abilities of your students and how many you believe they can complete at one time. You could even cut the recording sheets in half and do half the cards each time.

To give students a challenge, have them do a little more than rhyme. Once they have matched the rhymes on the card, give them a sheet of paper to work on writing the CVC words they matched.

Fall rhyming activity for learning to rhyme.

There are two words on the card that don’t have a rhyme. You could encourage students to think of a word that rhymes with each of those.

Kids will love using these fun rhyming task cards in their literacy centers in the classroom. They are perfect for morning workstations, extra practice rotations, or intervention strategies. Have fun using them!

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