Apple Tree Roll and Cover Math Game

This apple tree roll and cover math game is a great way to help preschoolers practice number recognition, subitizing, and counting. It even provides fine motor practice at the same time.

Apple theme math game for preschool learners. Counting, number identification and subitizing.

One of our most popular posts has been this apple tree letter matching activity, so I decided it was time to do a math version. This math game would be a great addition to your preschool apple theme lesson plans. It helps children learn to identify numbers and gives them the opportunity to practice subitizing numbers. Younger children may choose to count the dots on the dice which is also a good way for them to practice counting.

Supplies Needed:

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Setting Up the Apple Theme Math Game

This is very easy to set up. It only took me about 2 minutes!

1. Draw a tree on the paper with crayons. If you are doing this with a class of students who could copy the sheet or make one for each child.

2. Write numbers 1-6 all over the tree with a pencil or pen.

Apple theme math game that is perfect for early learners!

Playing the Apple Tree Math Game

At first I modeled how to play the game for Evan. I rolled the dice and identified the number the dice landed on. Then I found one instance of that number on the tree and pretended to stick a dot sticker over that number.

Apple theme math game

Then I invited Evan to try it out himself. He rolled the dice, identified the number, found it on the tree and added a sticker to the tree.

Apple theme game that teaches number recognition, subitizing and counting.

These steps repeated until every number on the tree was covered with a dot sticker. Make sure that your child only covers one number each time they roll the dice even though there are several instances of each number on the tree.

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