The Best Educational Apps for Kids

We are always looking for awesome educational apps for kids and these are the best ones! They are all fun and entertaining iPad learning apps that young kids will be excited about.

This a list of the best educational apps for kids! They were on a variety of skills from reading to math to logic and coding. They are all fun and engaging learning apps!

Last Christmas, we bought two iPads and they have been a great investment. We have found so many great educational apps that the kids actually enjoy playing. Some of them are so great that I am even incorporating them into my kindergarten homeschool lesson plans.

For the most part, these apps are great for kids ages 4-8 years of age. Some are for older children and would be great for your preschooler or kindergartener to grow into.

The Best Educational Apps for Kids


This is an amazing learning tool. This award-winning app helps your kids as they learn to read in a fun and smart way. I can honestly say this has helped my child on his way to learning how to read! As a heads up, you can try it for free for 30 days and then there is a small monthly fee. But, I definitely feel that this app is worth it. Check it out on iTunes!


My husband is a Software Developer and is always looking for ways to introduce coding literacy to our children. This is by far the best tool out there for children ages 4 – 7 to help them pick up beginning coding concepts. This app will help with problem solving and is a great way for your children to show off their creativity! We love ScratchJr so much that we have even incorporated into our son’s curriculum and bought The Official ScratchJr Book. Check out the app on iTunes!

Alphabet Sounds Word Study

This is easily one of our son’s favorites. This app is jammed packed with activities that will help your child learn letter sounds. There are four levels starting with beginning sounds and ending with digraph and blend sounds. This is an excellent app to start with if you are trying to teach your child to read. For even more information check out this post. Also, check it out on iTunes!

Interactive Alphabet ABC’s

This app is really versatile. Our three-year old daughter works on her ABCs and sounds with this app. Our five-year old son loves to use it to type and trace out letters and words. It’s really addicting to start tracing out the letters and you might even be surprised to find some letters you trace incorrectly like my husband did! Check it out on iTunes!


Thinkrolls is a puzzle app that is easy and fun to play. Your children will work on problem solving and spatial cognition skills. Add in some science with force, acceleration, gravity, and more thrown in and you have a pretty great app! Check it out on iTunes!

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft is a fantastic model building game that inspires creativity and helps children work on their problem solving skills. Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world and you’ll be surprised to see what creative ideas your child comes up with in this fun game! Check it out on iTunes!

Peg + Cat: The Tree Problem

Peg + Cat is focused on helping your child learn foundational math and problem solving skills. This app also does a fantastic job working on spatial reasoning skills. Your child will love the narrative of the cat being stuck in the tree and the interaction between Peg + Cat! It’s a really fun game that our son keeps coming back to. Check it out on iTunes!

Teach your monster to read

This game is great for children in the first stages of learning to read. They’ll work on learning letters and sounds to reading sentences in this fun and engaging app! Check it out on iTunes!

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

The Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen app helps with vocabulary building in a fun, creative and silly way. Your children blend sounds to create words in this highly interactive app! Check it out on iTunes!

Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game For Kids

Math Evolve is aimed at children 5 – 8. It’s a fun math game that allows you to learn math while playing a spaceship game. I have to admit that even my husband and I really enjoy playing this challenging, yet educational app! Check it out on iTunes!

I can see this sticking around on our iPad for quite a long time. My son really enjoys all of them!

I will keep my eyes out for even more of the best educational apps for kids!

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These are the best educational apps for kids. They are all perfect for preschoolers, kindergarten students and early elementary learners.